Totems yes or no?

.?? I read they are completely and utterly useless. True or False ?
Opinions please !!

Yes, but don’t build past lvl 19 totem
Unless you maxing out your base

(5500 embers to get there and about 21d)

Very useful the -10% but wouldn’t bother if low lvl

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Totems use elemental shards. Fire flaks, dark flaks and soon ice flaks all use elemental shards. Flaks are a way better investment for the simple reason they apply to every kind of dragon, vs only dragons of a certain elemental type. Not to mention they’re the strongest turrets in the game.


With your embers i would say priority is getting 1 Max level Dark Flak.

If you have a TON of additional embers, i’d get a totem which is relevant to your level. They are good for event points without leveling and are also good for zeroing in on extremely OP dragons (big threats) to your level if you are always getting hit and defeated by one dragon in particular.

If you still have a ton of embers and can get level 50+ towers, consider a fire flak. Weight this option carefully with your current base layout, elemental/projectiles balance, and the anticipated Ice Flaks that are rumored to come out at some point.


Personally, I’d rather have a tower that actively shoots all dragons than a tower that may effect one type of dragon. Have one of each totem in storage - sell em to you cheap. LOL

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The real big bases getting a steady dose of Noctua putting up a Wind Totem I can maybe understand, but unless PG doubles their buff I will never build one.

So even though it does not take up a spot for a damage tower (placed near your base alone on that island) and it gives you ZERO levels you think that it’s not worth knocking an extra 10-19% off 1 in 5 dragons attack power?

Unless you are short on embers what is really the downfall of building one and why do you consider it useless?

You need to be able to back up your opinion if you give one

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I’m short of embers. So I’ll focus on dark flak first. Fire flak second then maybe a totem

If you are short on embers just keep stockpiling until you can get your dark flak to level 60.

Don’t even bother with a fire flak if you are down on embers they aren’t worth it at all for their cost in embers unless they are extremely high level (50+ i’ve heard)

Yep that’s the plan! If I ever get to level 60 :joy:

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Well, it does take up a spot for a damage tower for starters. I understand that you mean by building a short base you do not “need” to use that spot for a damage tower, but I digress.

To clarify further then the Elemental Embers are just better spent on other towers. Most players do not have the means to max out everything and Flaks are just a better investment of a limited resource. Folks my size cannot have anything close to a maxed totem anyway. Again, the players with very big bases and resources to burn can have at it. For the vast majority of us, they are useless.

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I wish PG will change totems so they can be built with either ice shard, fire shard or ember, since they completely devalued the shards, and introducing flaks has made embers so expensive.

I actually think this change will bring more totems into play, increasing strategic aspect of base building, and also, will probably give more revenue to PG since people will spend more timers…may be…

Sry for being a little off topic. I see the potential in totems, but just can’t waste my resource on it right now.

I think totems can be useful if used correctly. I use one and put it in the back of my base since I do not use the long island closest to the main buildings island. All my towers are on 2 short island and a middle long island. Having a totem cannot hurt you if your base is set up that way.

You have to study your base and see what dragons are hurting you the most and that will help you make a decision which totem you want to build.

Most people who ask this question are probably at the point where they shouldn’t be using every spot on every island anyway… so I think using it is pretty useful. You could probably just push up your towers in a setup similar to how @CoachJPop describes or reduce the number of towers you have.

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