Totems: Yes or No?

Should I or should I not build totems? I mean they help, but they don’t do that much…

I see them as not being good use early game because the totems do a percentage decrease. But the stronger the dragons attack the larger the amount reduced will be. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Totems use elemental embers, dark and fire flaks use elemental embers. The question then becomes, should I use elemental embers for a totem which will only apply to 1/6 of all dragons, or should I make a flak that will apply to every kind of dragon? Hmm tough choice… but I’ll be choosing the flak every time unless I’m either swimming in elemental embers, or I want to get fort points without overleveling.


So, the way I answer this question is summarized by this: if you’re asking, you’re probably at the level where it wouldn’t hurt.

The assumption is if you have the option of building a totem you probably have space for it, and you’re not already a high level with a maxed out base.
With that assumption, you shouldn’t even be using all the spaces on your islands. By throwing a totem in there, it shouldn’t hurt your defense power at all.

I could be wrong.

In my opinion I would save elemental embers for dark flak towers; they provide more damage then totem poles.


Can you send them to a teammate

Embers? No.

Not worth it until you have enough elemental embers saved to get a dark flak from 1-60 once over at least.

“But Red, I’m just X level”

Yes, but when you need them, those embers won’t drop to save your life.


Its kind of worth getting a lvl19 totem for WIND if you are someone that gets attacked by Kinnarus/Noctua/Equestor as the main attackers

Dark helps a lot vs Necryx and Avyx

The return on a lvl 19 is excellent = -10% incoming damage to all towers, costs about 21 days of speedups only, and the ember use is low enough to compensate that you didn’t lose a “lot” of tower levels.

Going past 19 the benefit:cost ratio tanks


Just to poke your brain while you’re here, how do totems work in terms of level:-%. Sometimes I see totems on bases I’m attacking and in the upper left where it usually states the % and class, there will be nothing, then I might see a totem of a lower level that shows that % in the top left. I can’t really grasp how it works. If it’s just a visual thing, does it have to be a certain level to activate, and a few levels later upgrades the -%, etc.? Sorry if I made that more confusing than it should be. Thanks in advance, and also I didn’t look to see if this has been posted in another thread, so sorry again if it has.

Hmmm sorry not really sure about the visual side of things (aka what is displayed)
I think I might understand your question wrong, so my apologies if this isn’t what you meant.

The upgrades work sort of like this
First upgrade - increases the towers hp, second upgrade increases the % reduction, next upgrade towers hp etc

From amoeba:

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Ahhhhhh crap sorry I didn’t know I could just find that on Amoeba. But yes, that answers my question! Sorry for making you do the leg work for me.

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While I agree with everyone here to focus on flaks, this is just begging for



Thank you for the link​:pray:t4: Why are Totems attack reducing percentage capped at lv 35 18% ? I was hoping to offset the offensive boost but didn’t realize the cap​:thinking: I was hoping at least 25% with the investment :man_facepalming:

As you add perches your dragons will also work similarly and , of course, they fight back… sadly, I wasted embers on several totems during prior fort events and wish I hadn’t… but you play, you learn.

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