Tough start to new season

Well, this season is off to a rocky start for me. Sorry this got long.

Tuesday, I was excited for the new season. I had a small ruby hoard and a plan. I was intending to open gold chests with rubies, get my egg boost going day one and open the rider line. Along the way I’d get a number of IFs and crates to help get a good start in the first event.

The ongoing team chat bugs and some issues others reported with chests caused me to wait until today. I opened my small pile of bronze chests, and no problem. So I opened enough golds (bought with rubies) to finish the 125% egg line. I added up the sigils as i went along. I overshot a bit because i got lucky and hit the 1100 sigil reward on the last group. I had collected a total of 7225 new summerkai sigils (and they looked like the correct sigils every time, to boot). I went back into “seasons,” and guess what? No sigils. I exited the event and went back in, no sigils. I re-started the game, no sigils.

So now, instead of being excited about my eggs boost and new rider, I am frustrated. Instead of having time to get a good start on gauntlet, I get to submit a ticket and write this post instead. Hmmm.

By the way, I cannot create a ticket in game because my bug reporting tool doesn’t work. I created a ticket on that months ago, but PG did not help me, they just said use the web site. Do they not care that that is very inconvenient for me, and that their bug reporting widget should work?

On Tuesday, I was excited for the new season. My daily offer was one I was interested in. $75, yup I’ll spend that on a game. But the chat bug and other bugs and support issues caused me to pause. So, PG, you lost a small sale Tuesday because of poor software quality and poor support.

Today, I am wondering why I continue to invest time and money in a game whose poor quality frustrates me on a regular basis. This sigil issue is a really big deal to me. I am not a whale, but I have spent and do spend money on War Dragons, but today I am thinking about not needing to spend any more money on War Dragons.

So, why did I create this post? Two reasons I guess. One, to remind folk this bug is indeed still out there, and two, to see if some other players can remind me of enough good reasons to not retire from this experience.

War dragons is conceptually a beautiful, deep and enjoyable concept. But it is so poorly implemented and supported that I am not sure it is worth it to me any more.

Off to create my ticket …


Good luck getting it all sorted! These are frustrating issues.

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Atleast feeding was glitch free so glad we got rid of that horrible event and the 1200 team sygils for a problem free pvp -_-


War dragons is conceptually a beautiful, deep and enjoyable concept. But it is so poorly implemented and supported that I am not sure it is worth it to me any more.

Really sums up this game in one sentence


I would like to express my extreme sadness over both the incredible (and growing) list of faults with the game which is indicative of poor quality control, but what bites more than that is the absolute disrespect that has been given to those who have logged support calls.

There are 2 things that can happen when a fault occurs in a came.

Option 1 - PROTECT YOUR PLAYERS while you fix the problems. So when you impact wars or the game in Atlas, make sure that the wars stop and atlas castles are bubbled UNTIL IT IS FIXED. This should be a non negotiable position.

Option 2 - FIX THE F.KING THING and return to the players everything that they have lost.

I fully appreciate that option 1 may be the only option while the problems are identified and resolved. While they shouldn’t happen, these things do. We all know that. HOWEVER, you continue to harm your players with the arrogant disregard that has been shown to the players.

“Fight for your castle back” WTF PG ? If people have lost otheir castles, why should they fight to get something back that was lost due to coding incompetence ? Why ? It’s your game … FIX IT and leave the castles bubbled until you do.

Now the real reason that i’m really, really, REALLY ticked off (how very British of me huh? :smiley: ) is that I logged a support call and I got a huge canned response that pointed out to me many new problems you have discovered, but did not in any way address the point raised in my support call. Don’t you feel it’s fairly disrespectful to not even bother to read the support calls before responding ? It certainly made me feel that you couldn’t give a shit about my problem.

Shame lady is ringing her bell guys … there is some room for improvement here.


They are really screwing the pooch on this one. :face_vomiting:


Reboot dont work seems they hired a joke recently

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Time to rename the game to “War Bugs”, so much more appropriate…:sunglasses:


Luckily it the year of the player…

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TG was glitch free until they decided to change 2 island HP figures.
Then look what happened.


I so wanted to love this game. I even did for a while. Maybe it was just silly puppy love. Then I got Atlas. I envisioned something like the glory days of using Discord and doing raids but on my tablet.

I’ve watched almost a year’s worth of suggestions and work by the GPF and others and cheered them, even made a few suggestions myself. Slowly oh so slowly that love changed to the opposite of love but that doesn’t seem to work here either. Love, rage? PG seems immune to everything.

Now all of my strong feelings are imploding into I don’t exactly know what yet. There is a small Ember (ha ha ha) burning for my clan, clan mates, the faint hope of salvation? Fading, fading, buyer’s remorse becoming simple indifference, apathy, and eventually the coma that follows…



This apology gift is an insult!!!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


…you have a point, but please stop posting this in every thread.


I am just doing what PG told me to do… post in the forums. Don’t shoot the messenger


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why have Dazaa’s posts been flagged. they are accurate. they contain no inflammatory remarks. they are simply a summary of statements from PG. I find it highly inappropriate to block her posts.


This is a privately owned forum. PG has every right to control what is allowed to be said. Granted, they often let us express our thoughts and opinions without censure, but there are things that they will not tolerate. And since this is their space, not a public space, they reserve the right to remove content they feel is out of keeping with the rules and code of conduct of these forums.

For your reference please find the Code Of Conduct.


having the legal right to do something and choosing to do it are two very different things. when a game is for profit, then the consumers have a moral right to state their opinions.

If the game owner does not appreciate those comments, then it would be far more appropriate for them to respond, as opposed to hiding the comment. again, this is within the reasonable parameters that there was no vulgarity or personal derogatory remarks, of course.

the original hidden post was simply a summary (accurate) of recent statements made by PG.


For reference, Dazzaa has posted a similar message to their first flagged post across multiple threads on the forums. That counts as spamming the forums. It was flagged as such by a member of the community and the moderators agreed with that assessment. Their other comment was flagged as being off topic by a different member of the forum community, and that flag was also agreed with, as making a comment about China having more free speech than these forums has absolutely nothing to do with the thread topic of “A tough start to a new season.”

Edit: It’s not like these posts were deleted. People can still click on them to show the hidden content.