Tower AoE circle radius

Is it possible to add a circle (or something else) showing the effect radius of a tower?
Specifically Storm, Ice Turret, Blue Mage, and Red Mage. I think that feature will clear the doubt of the effect range, which helps players to design better base or know how effective the effect is.

Note: Perhaps showing a tower’s effect range only when moving the tower.

@PGJared , @Arelyna


Add Farms and Mills Healing radius


Red Mage towers already show their AoE but yes I agree that other towers need to show it as well.

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Have you clicked the move tower button before? I would recommend looking into it

I don’t believe that the storm can protect these towers

Yeah, that’s it’s attack range, not the towers it protects :t_rex:

Was talking about for the mages

Red mage has the circle effect…

Why is the attack range a cone anyway? It seems so pointless since the dragins flying on a set path. I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna suddenly turn off the side or anything.

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I know the towers turn to attack you as you continue flying but the cone shape isn’t an accurate representation of their rotation. Not sure why it’s that way :t_rex:

only red mage shows the circle

Is that what you would like to see on all?

For most tower with playing time the area it covers is common sense, but it could be used to help newer players learn

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Yes, it is.

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