Tower Balance Discussions

Hey folks,

We’ve opened a few threads to discuss the three biggest-priority tower issues. You can find them here:

Fire Turret
Fire Flak
Dark Flak

Please go to those threads and discuss how you’d like to see us change towers going forward. To be clear this isn’t a vote or anything of the sort, but we want to give players time to provide their feedback and insights before we make changes.

If you have any feedback that pertains to tower balancing in general (and specifically doesn’t pertain to the three towers above) please go ahead and leave it here!

Ballista towers. Will it always be laughing stock and considered a pg mistake? I know lot of players have not invested in it for right decisions but make this tower interesting.

My suggestion is to increase its supershot poison damage significantly and faster projectile speed.

Then current non elemental towers need slight buff in damage stats. Please review and collect feedback.

@PGJared Please help me to understand the situation as I may have missed something.

First, you have 55 towers and Obsidians. However, next you decide, wait 55 towers aren’t strong enough, the solution? Releaes 60 towers. Okay awesome, now that people have bought/hacked/cheated their way to 60s…whoops actually we have been selling defective goods the whole time. They actually work just fine, in fact they are even overpowered so let’s scale them back.

So, you sold something meant to fix a problem that in actuality did not exist and now you are scaling back the thing you just sold so that is essentially the same as where they should have started? Basically every level from 55-60 has no value because they should have just been 55?

Solution: Just refund everything from 55-60 and just add those 5 more levels to the next tier. I know it seems like you’re helping everyone out by looking at balance but doing it AFTER you pushed towers higher and are essentially nerfing them, calling it balance, you are going to still keep the revenue? Come on…


Is this being driven by complaints? If so, what level are those coming from? At lower levels, I think that the fire turret and dark flaks can simply just be too strong (haven’t used fire flak). Lower level dragons are just so ill-equipped to handle these towers that my L77 small went unattacked/undefeated in two wars, even after the 100s and 200s were taken out… . Or maybe damage levels there should be brought more in-line, as there are simply fewer options dragon-wise that are capable of handling the towers.

At somewhat higher levels (say sapphire+), people should be able to choose the correct dragons due to the wider variety to handle them or suffer the consequences and be willing to accept it. Nerfing towers to be more like the other towers removes strategy and makes things less interesting.

Don’t find a way to handle the dark flak early? Byebye. Wait too long on fire turret and let it fire without anything available? Bye again.

Edit: To be clear, I did “vote” on changes for dark flak and fire turret to stay true to their current uniqueness, but I would also appreciate more context, as I rarely think that a blanket adjustment works as well as anticipated.


By base is level 64 and i don’t see a single Divine of level 10 and even level 11 soloing my base undefended.

Even though I voted I actually do agree. Sub 40s these towers work fine. If the issue is overpowered towers at post 40s then just pull back power scaling. I already suggested scaling power such that the max damage a tower can do cannot kill a dragon within 3 shots. Then work back from there.


I agree with Panda
I want the power I paid for … otherwise the lvl 60 towers make no sense


You are pretty much correct. But it’s worse than that. They stated that the Dark Flaks hit their damage cap for regular attacks at level 35. So everything from 35-60 you were simply increasing the supershot damage and health of the tower.

I spent over 4 years of speedups on Fire Turrets and Dark Flaks above level 35 under the guise that the stats I read on each level up made me that much stronger. As it turns out, it was a farce. So I spent more and more to make my base better,

Calling it “balancing” is essentially an insult to our intelligence. PG advertised tower stats for each level showing us how much more powerful our base would be with these towers, but apparently had a cap so very little changed when we got them. Once the cap was removed, the tower we paid for was too strong so now it is being “balanced.”

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  • this tower is horrible

  • First define the role of the tower, and then balance for that.

  • What I would like to see is a damage over time mechanic, which functions mostly as a debuffing tower

  • Suggestion: Make normal shots stack (aka show a timer that shows the number of applications running simultaneously, and have the normal attacks refresh the supershot duration and normal shot duration.

  • Make the normal shots maybe last 3 seconds pre research, maybe around 5 post research? And make them stack up to 3x? with a tick every second or so.

  • I’m conviced the current damage mechanic is just simply broken - I think the damage in the damage table is assumed to be “per tick” and is instead “per shot, and thus divided by each tick”

  • The damage per shot should be pretty low, but a full stack should probably have a fairly decent damage to it (eg lets say it stacks up to three times), 1 stack = 66% of say a cannons damage, 2 stacks 100%, 3 stacks 133%?

The more useful bits should come via supershots

  • the duration of 10seconds is good, and with research 15s
  • This should be combined with a decent WALLOP of damage but should tick over time - I’m definitely for a % of dragon health mechanic here.
  • Lastly this combined with debuffs from research - which should probably be a lot more accessible should make the tower quite useful (move the 6% dmg debuff and 7% increased damage taken to the pre-green part of the research tier, and add another 6% and 7% to the current location)


  • This tower used to work decently, but then got completely obliterated by the Dark Flak
  • What I would like to see is its attack damage increased a little bit (match a cannon)
  • Its stun duration increased to the same stun duration is that current (3.9) Dark flak (once research is completed)

I’m not sure if the 3.9 trebs stun as long as the 3.9 flaks do --If they do its perfect, just up the damage to match a cannon


Let‘s not forget that PG released runes to make Ballistae more powerful. Those runes only work if the poison effect stays as long as possible.
Then PG thought the Ballista needs to deal more immediate damage in order to be good, shortened the poison duration and thus made the runes totally worthless.

Just saying… not that I have any hopes for that tower after tons of discussions on the old forums and two failed attempts of PG to balance the tower.

Anyone remember the one or two days when PG “accidentally” gave the towers on the bases the fire power they should have?

THAT was what a $50k base should be able to do.

Yeah soloing was close to impossible even undefended runs needed two good fliers to make a war run a success. But heck it’s freaking 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS some spent for that. Such bases shouldn’t be soloed by $400 dollar event dragons…

The only problem I see are these cheater scumbags who make their teams close to invincible with such a base.

It needs to be dealt with the highest priority out there and then we can have clean wars resulting in a natural selection of team power.


I vote that PG sends representatives to 25 teams scattered from D1 through Gold 1 to see what things are like in actual practice anytime you want to balance. Hell, you guys can log into my 273 alt (AlsoRed) and come fly with Rulith for a week. I’ll let you do war runs, raids, etc.


From what I see, the PG representatives - employees - aren’t used to fly high level dragons over high level bases, so your proposal will not accomplish much, IMHO.

I am more in line with @Panda proposal. Refund the 55-60 towers and do the rebalancing needed, then if necessary, get back the 60 towers when and IF needed for the next tier.

I have a hunch that the 55 towers will be enough for the next tier once the rebalancing will be done.


What. Simply NO!! Just no. Stop trying to change dark flaks and fire turrets! This is going to mess up everyone’s base. The fire flak is the only one that’s should be altered IMO and NOT nerfed.
Number 1
Don’t make everyone disappointed with the go-to dark Flak.
Number 2
Don’t ruin Fire Turrets
Number 3
Fire Flaks are okay the way they are. Only thing is maybe increasing the supershot duration OR increasing the damage.

Remember these towers should be balanced with the dragons.

Hi PGJared,
I think it’s great that the those towers are getting a revamp and will be worked on to adjust properly in the game, but I think that looking at them on separate threads won’t get the most complete pool of opinions on the towers. I do agree that the towers need to be looked at individually for the changes that they may undergo, but I also believe that the towers don’t exist in a vacuum and the changes need to be thought of as a package.
What I’m proposing is opening up a discussion on how putting the proposed revamps combined will change the game dynamic and whether or not people would still opt to lean towards the A B or C choice they did when they looked at each thread separately.

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agreed :rofl:

Well I have participated a little in discussion of dark flak and fire turret, but agreeing to the previous two posts, I think things have to be discussed as defense strategy as a whole.

And I would like to post my personal opinion on this. I have put together My preferred relative strength (meaning damage dealt per sec = dps) and supershots effect, draw back of each towers in below table. (Sry for being small). Well this is more or less based on my understanding of design philosophy behind each tower before 3.90,and also archer and cannon nerf.

If I am to group towers,

  1. Dark flak and fire turrets: massive damage machine with a drawback that can be dealt with if not properly supported by other towers. Dark flak to have slightly more advantage for being a premium tower, maybe.
  2. Archer/lightning : pure damage tower. Lightning has to be grouped, but elemental attacks are harder to dodge or reflect.
  3. Cannon/ice turrets/fire flak: damage dealing plus good supershots effect. I’d say balanced flak to be better because of the premium.
  4. Trebuchet/storm: superior supershots effect but low normal damage.
  5. Ballista : meh…give a thought later
  6. Mages: no need for a comment, I think.

My hope is for PG to balance the towers so every tower has some use, and well designed base will be those that has good mix of several types of towers,with good positioning and combination. NOT the ones that only have maxed out Mage/premium and semi premium towers only. Premium towers could be stronger, but give some room for other towers to be used also, please. Especially for those who have been playing even before turrets came out…