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I want what I paid for …I don’t hack I PAID for level 60 towers and it’s very frustrating to keep making more and watch my defense level not change and see level 300’s walk through it with Noc …sorry I love Noc but why should I keep making level 60’s when they don’t do the damage they should at that level. Using thousands of clocks to build things that don’t work isn’t right. I agree with Panda either make them as powerful and damaging as they should be or refund the resources used to build them. And maybe next time test them out before releasing them to the game. People just want what they paid for.


This 100 times :point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4::point_up_2:t4:


I have a feeling that they did test it out. I would believe the problem is elsewhere in the code that capped out the damage and increases after a certain level. What they’re doing now is adjusting it so that when the issue is resolved, that it doesn’t throw off the whole game.


With regular breedable dragons, I would agree. Seasonal divine’s can easily solo even well built bases at lower levels though. I can’t remember the last time I had to attack bases even close to my level.


I am a level 66 and till now i have seen only single player soloing my base. And i know someone who has way better base than me for same level.
And my base defeated 14 dragons in yesterday’s wars.


For what you paid for those they should be batting everything out of the sky, how many folks in the game right now have level 60 towers anyway?


Surpsingly many. The real question is how many actual paying players, not hackers and cheats.

Willing to bet you can /10 the number


Since the last time I checked, a month ago, there are now NEW (many) who have 60 level towers. Are all of them legit ? Until PG says otherwise, they are. So yeah, there are more than you think.


By single player…u mean your lvl right? Coz I can take your base defended​:rofl::rofl:


Hahahah @xIcicleSparkx. You almost made my coffee burn my pants !


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: lol.


@PGJared How come you can’t just make the tower what they are supposed to be? War will be a lot different. Not everyone will be getting 5 flames


That’s why. Giving them the power they deserve was considered too OP


Bahaha, super legit…except the ones that recently got banned. Probably more to come I hope.


@Panda - there was a little sarcasm in my statement. But as long as PG doesn’t do anything about them, they are “legit”.


You have to spell it out or they will think that is a serious thing sadly…


You know what the problem with these player was , who bought ther max bases ?
Well they had ther wall to protect there stuff, or to defend …

But when it started to fly themself, many of them wasnt able to be a good flier…
What i want to say is… some wanted a good dragon aswell to buy, and had some paydragon…

But even after it they wasnt able to fly well, and started to speak bad of that dragon like Morphos or others… where skilled flier took out max bases ( undefended).
You cant have both, but PG can try to balance it better.
And when the overall killer as Noctua appears, then its too much for them… but they have something to fly as a skillnoob for example.


I’m actually not going to weigh in here, because my towers are not yet at a level where this discussion is relevant.

I’ll just be over here in my corner chipping away at this sapphire wall forever.

Would be great if you could maybe find some time to address THAT colossally broken feature next PG, before you go making more new problems, but, you know, whatever…


My two cents. My concern doesn’t look for a good way of balancing the power of the towers related to the top dragons or to upcoming dragons. In my humble opinion it’s becaming quite boring a simple matched scaling up. I think that would be more funny and enjoiful if dragons would be designed to be very strong against one or two kinds of tower, very weak against others one or two and medium resistant to the rest of 'em. This could bring a lot more variables in bases layout and most of all we all would be forced using and learning how to fly more then one or two drag for every tier.
I leave the implies to your consideration.


I think they tried something like this with the Ice Turret that slows down hunter shots but in reality it doesn‘t feel like it‘s very effective.