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Hope it wasn’t! What i mean is not focusing on an entire dragons category such as hunters at a time. I mean something like giving beside passive resistances passive weakennes.
Mine it’s just a thought and i dunno if could be implemented in any way seems easy as could be easy giving a negative % of absorbtion to an already existing resistance spell but who know…
Anyway, trying to avoid the spread of an entire category is never a good while you can design individual and peculiar drags of every kind: Hunters, Warriors and Sorcerers rising up the number of layout patterns effective strong.


Nice Idea. And I just thought of Pokemon with that passive weakness idea :nerd_face::hugs:

Edit: I don’t know why you misunderstood it and took it off topic. What i meant was passive weakness and passive resistances always direct me to pokemon! It may add an interesting dimension to game.



And now I have “got to breed them all” running through my head :laughing:

Pokémon: got to catch them all…
War dragons: got to breed them all…

Probably not the most strategic use of egg tokens though lol.


:no_good_woman: It will be regretted later on, as it stalls progress. You’re better off following a path and then backbreeding, if you must have every dragon.

Edit: Even if it is a joke, I know many people who do want to breed them all while within the same tier. :woman_facepalming:


yeah, I’m following Red’s A&A #3 path right now… got to get gogonus finished so I can work on Ursa and get that missing sapphire egg for my builder’s hut :sweat_smile:


Second this.


Hey folks. Thanks for all the feedback in these threads! We’re going to close them now and start work on tower balancing.