Tower Balance Synopsis and Looking Ahead

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So, for the most part the “balance” that I have seen is basically PG has restored things to BEFORE the update and released a costly new tower and will likely release level 65-70s the next event. Is this really the solution to the problem of both damage and more importantly, cost moving forward? Demand continues to go up but supply (prizing) has remained roughly the same in regards to the cost. A lot has been talked about but it seems like everything has just looped back to its original place…which is not really a solution.


As Atlas is now more and more part of the game, the lack of balance between towers and dragons means that the number of troops lost is just steadily going up as attacks are almost universally 5 flame. Is there any intent to change the number of troops/battle as well as increasing the rate troops/hats regenerate or the overall pool to offset this change on from the core game side?

There are no plans to change hats regen rate right now. We’re mulling increasing how many troops Primarchs can carry, among other changes, but none of are directly related to the recent balance changes to dragons and towers.

You may not agree with everything Panda says, but if you have been around the block a few times with PG, he pretty much nailed their MO. As the song says, “sad, but true.”

@PGDave maybe a battle screen that lets you choose the number of troops to commit? And a default defense % that you set beforehand?

It sucks to head out with 30k troops and be wiped out in just a few minutes because while you were attacking, 4 other people attacked you. Yes, you would lose fewer troops and earn less glory not committing full troops to every battle, but you’d be able to stay on the field longer, and that’s where the fun is.

Just a thought.

Of course, there’s a reason Panda is on ‘speed dial’ ;).

@SavageAFforPG How would choosing the number of troops to commit work? It sounds like those troops wouldn’t be vulnerable to attack until you finished your own attack with them? Or did you have something else in mind?

I guess I was thinking of two mechanics. The first was offensive. Since you don’t always win… So be able to say on the battle screen, I want to commit 10k troops to this battle.

Now if you were attacked while you were attacking and consequently, unaware and unable to defend, you had previously chosen that 5k troops be automatically engaged in any defense. So if you won the attack, but lost 6 defenses badly enough to result in a wipe out you still lose all troops. But if you won the attack but had only one defense which you lost, you’d lose the 5k from the defense and some from the attack…

So, two different things. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m crazy. It’s been said before.

Also…and hopefully we can find something that works for the constant need to “hit down”. I think being able to hit any team is an inherent part of Atlas and an interesting change. But incenent and reward to hit higher ranked lands/teams and the reward for fighting and owning them. It’s been around a while and I haven’t seen any solution that seems to jump out. I can confidently say I’m on one of the better teams and right now there just is not risk/reward for it.

Mostly lower ranked teams just have to hope it’s not their time. But there isn’t really a direct incentive for people to feel they should fight for higher ranked land. The buffs help but not to offset the loss and the gain isn’t worth it for most teams to be willing to.

Hoping to see a proposal fo this as this seems very pivotal in the success of Atlas.

@PGDave – I can see some drawbacks to what I am suggesting, and maybe part of what I CANNOT see makes it generally a bad idea. I think right now, in the scenario I described, all my troops are committed to everything, even if they are happening at the same time. This increase both my chances for winning (therefore losing few troops) and decreases my odds of losing (also losing fewer troop). If not all troops are committed to each engagement, then, even though any one battle may result in a smaller loss, several concurrent battles could result in a larger loss. Maybe not. I know flying primes will take much of the tedium out of travel, so it will be less frustrating to spend may hours getting to a staging area a day (or a few hours early), but all the prep to be wiped out in just a few minutes isn’t terribly fun. So, I was trying to think of a way that slowed the bleeding, but reduced rewards as well. Mostly to make the fun part last longer.

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