Tower balancing a load of bull

So the whole tower balancing is live now. We were essentially given tower stats when we upgraded that were incorrect as a cap was in place for some reason. So when they lifted the cap, the towers were too strong. So the great rebalancing fix? Make towers under level 50 even weaker than before. My level 45 fire turrets that still did the same damage at level 35 since they were capped lost 700k attack overnight. How is reducing the damage even more balancing? “We had a cap that reduced the damage your towers did. After thinking about it, we fixed it by having them do even less damage.”

I feel bad for people with towers under level 50 because they seriously got the shaft here.

Its not just under 50. My level 54 dark flak has the same attack as a level 45 dark flak.

Well, we were told that under lvl 45 or so they were not going to mess with the dark flak. My lvl 21 dark flak now has the same power as an old lvl 9 dark flak. Seriously??? This makes base defense a joke. Oh, and btw, enjoy a new tower. This is really disappointing.

Edit: new tower stats vs old
New 39.1k
Old 159,981

Special attack:
New 69.9k
Old 183,978

New 152k
Old 140.9k

The part I have the issue with. We built certain towers in good faith. Then they nerfed them, took all that we spent in them and offered zero compensation. For example, embers for dark flak…


Why do I get the feeling that they haven’t actually lifted the damn damage cap on normal attacks???

@PGPulse @Arelyna @PGCrisis respond please!


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