Tower Boost All Blog - Official Discussion Thread

We’ve just announced a new QOL feature called Tower Boost All – read more about it here: Tower Boost All Blog Post


I am going to start adding these polls to the discussion threads (thanks to @DraixPrime20 for setting an example). Feel free to interact with it or to skip it, though I hope people participate! It helps the WD team to gather info and metrics for feedback/reporting!

  • Positive Change
  • Neutral Change
  • Negative Change
  • I just want to see the results

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Small convenience with so far no downsides. Good change. Thank you


As long as it works then I see no negative about it.

Mistborn hit it on the head. It won’t be a game-changer for anyone, but it’s a minor change that should make things ever-so-slightly more convenient for people. Fewer pointless button-presses to achieve the same goal.


This would be a game-changer for me, I have sensitive thumbs. Very sensitive. They cry at every Pixar movie.


Actually, in fairness, I don’t know what it is about my fingertips, but if I spend too much time playing WD, they DO start to get sensitive. Even to the point where screen taps feel like a little electric shock. So reducing the number of unnecessary taps is a nice benefit from my perspective.

Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that something to facilitate gold collecting will come along, too! :smile:


I like the change. A small added convenience. Any chance we could have an add 10 days version?

I like to boost my base for atlas pvp but don’t really care to use them for pvp events.

This sounds like a superhero origin story! “I started sending out shocks from my fingertips and before I knew it, when I crossed my fingers I could create concussive fireworks. I… am Jubilee.”


Where was this announce 3 hours ago :rofl:
I was clicking through 10 days of boosting :grimacing:

That’s a positive change, I hope the next step in reducing The tedious tapping is in opening massive numbers of bronze chests and atlas badge chests. :v:t2:


I was like that long time ago :smile: until I reached the amount of boosts covering years, which is a longer time than I intend to play anyway :grin:

I’d be the worst superhero ever.

“Ow! Ow! Stoppit! Just give up already, my fingers HURT! :weary:

…but on-topic, yes, this does look like a useful tool. Really, it’s always nice when we can tweak a process in the game that’s too important to ignore, but too tedious to enjoy.

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Nice change but if something like this could be done for atlas chests it would be an AMAZING change😁
Other chests too but especially atlas. Lol
This change definitely isn’t a bad thing though and hopefully a sign of things to come​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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then wait till you have atlas


i do like the change but needs to be able to max it without it running out and yes atlas hundreds of chests u got to open 10 at a time between cant open this failed to do that it sucks lol

Good to see a forum discussion go somewhere, and they included a confirm window :grin::eyes::wink:

@PGGalileo i love the new way to boost monuments, saves a lot of time!

I like the poll more than the feature itself. Great idea!

(The feature is good too :sweat_smile:)

I hope to see this coming soon to atlas chests. Clicking tens of boosts every two weeks is nothing compared to opening hundreds atlas chests a day.


You should try opening badge chests, that would (and does) make anyone cry.

Kind of a crunchy UI but the feature is a simple QoL thing that should have been done ages ago. This doesn’t really merit a blog and a poll and a song and dance. People use this interface maybe weekly?

Also, the “I just want to see the results” poll format is bloody obnoxious. I do in fact sometimes want to see the results, but I will never vote for one of these. Choose a different format.