Tower boosts in gold chests

I’ve been told several times in support tickets that PG’s intention is for gold chests only to contain things that will help players in events and in the game. If this is true, you should really examine whether getting more tower boosts, to add to the 6000 I already have, is a “help”, because what it feels like to me is a complete waste of very expensive gold chests. I save them (and rubies and money to spend on them) to open when I really need something for an event objective, hoping to get that thing I need when I open them (whether it be 400k food packs during a feeding event, clocks and wood during fort frenzies, energy packs and inner fire during PvP events, etc.).

And yet invariably what I get are more tower boosts, which, given that I have enough to boost my base for months on end, do not help me at all. I have opened chests in which six out of the ten contained tower boosts. It feels like a ripoff, and a willful way of making people buy more chests — which I’m sure it does. But for those of us who don’t have the money to just keep opening unlimited gold chests, it’s a kick in the face to get, essentially, nothing at all (because they are worth nothing when you have far more than you could ever use) in such a big proportion of gold chests. Why not lower the ratio of items that are superfluous to most players, and raise the ratio of things players actually need and want?

If it were just me, I wouldn’t bring it up; but nearly everyone I know has a perpetual overflow of this particular item.


I have to agree, even as a new player I already have hundreds of these piled up. I don’t think anyone would be sad if they only found these boosts in bronze chests.

Exactly. They really don’t feel like a “gold chest” commodity at all at this point.

Definitely a terrible thing to see when opening gold chests.

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Red suggested drop limits for items in golds. Not gonna happen sadly…

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I’ve suggested each chest continuing 2 items and players are allowed to select one of the two. They could still contain tower boosts, but at least the second item could be something of value to someone. Its possible that each presentation contains the same items (two tower boosts), but at least this way, players can select what they want from each chest, similar to how the prize lines work now for seasons.

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That sounds like a fun way to go about it. :+1:t3:

Lol just noticed something about Red’s post. She spelled “ridiculous,” as “rediculous.” Haha is this an intentional pun or typo.

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I think this sounds like a great idea — given some choice between “equal” chest drops, players could prioritize according to their own needs and goals — say, boosts or clocks, heals or shards, etc.


I just don’t believe PGs claim that their sincere intention is to give people things they most need for events from gold chests anymore. During a breeding mission, here is the contents of ten good chests I just opened. Out of all ten chests, there isn’t a single token or mystic frag. It is, in my opinion, mostly trash, and not worth 4000 rubies. I know it’s “chance”, but ultimately PG controls what’s in gold chests. I feel like a schmuck pouring cash into a spot machine, while the casino bosses watch on closed circuit cameras and laugh.

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