Tower buff recently?

Has anyone noticed a recent buff to towers? I know invader bases pay max exp again, which us great so obviously tower levels increased there. But I’m talking about towers in general. Bases o could solo with some effort I’m getting murdered early on. My teammates are running invader and exp bases they used to solo unboosted and are getting shot down fully boosted.

Am I going crazy here or did towers seem to get a recent buff that coincided with the farm/mill upgrades?

You answered your own question I think…

Bases you could solo before at lvl 40 towers isn’t the same base with lvl 50-60 towers.

I meant on normal, non invader bases. This has nothing to do with those. I’m happy those levels were increased. I just notice in other bases towers seem tougher.

If you’re talking about Salang, there were changes on the base to increase XP gained.

To answer your question directly: No, I have not noticed any tower buffs. There are bases that have changed, but not the attack or HP of towers themselves.

(no atlas / can’t speak to invader)

Invader definitely got stronger, and I‘m talking about the same levels of towers being more powerful.

I’m experiencing the same thing. It seems like the tower hp got buffed…
A tower that I was able to take down with two shots now costing me three.

After more playing last night; it did appear that normal bases with tower levels/arrangements I would normally be able to solo were able to drop me here and there, but as a whole were more difficult to defeat. I didn’t get all scientific about which towers and percentage - it just felt more difficult than it had previously with the same dragons, and similar bases. On SaLang however, I have not noticed any difference.

then that means the base that you had difficulty in might have boosted or did some upgrade.

Another possibility would be the AI where it is using the correct towers to down you. I tend to cake walk bases that I hit, but once the AI hits me with the mage tower, I die a bit faster due to no rage.

I wasn’t clear - say a generic level 230 base w/ 70M defense with a decent (not great) layout: yesterday I could finish it with ease using a boosted Apophet w/o equipping additional spells or resist, but today, a similar level base with similar tower placement (not the same base), etc SEEMS TO BE more difficult. I noted that the one base I hit consistently does not appear to have any difference.

I understand tower placement, levels, boosts, etc come into play regarding difficulty of bases - I am saying that in general, I have noticed a difference. I admit, this could just be that I have picked some more difficult bases than usual, or I could just not be playing as well.

I think it got back normal.
I experienced increased xp gain and also harder to beat atlas base last night, but not tonight.

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