Tower buy back scheme

Hi everyone,
I got something that I’d like to discuss.
As many many of us have expanded and built our bases, we have over time, put them into storage.
What are your general thoughts of a buy back scheme?
Whereas , for a percentage of of your stored towers value, based on its current upgraded value, these could be traded back for shards or embers or rubies?

It’s almost like it’s so good, someone else already had this idea before…


Its been asked for alot. wont happen. I twisted the request slightly recently here:


It makes too much sense.

For the players. Which doesn’t matter.

And I’m. Not the only one who thinks that:


Just a guess… But I haven’t seen a rep from the “bean counter” department on the forums.

Maybe they lurk. :man_shrugging:


Who knows?

I don’t.

Hey, as long as we’re gonna be able to sell back towers (preferably for rubies… or bitcoins) i had a great idea: can we get universal evolution stones now too?

P.S. please nerf Hau… he’s way too OP!


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Hi again. Yes I understand that this topic has probably already been raised, but if enough of you get behind it instead of rudimentary negative comments, something might actually happen…

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We have been asking for three years… hence my new approach…

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New approach is where it’s at. Gets rid of lot of possible issues with XP exploitation during events.

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