Tower Cadence Change

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I will go ahead and make a separate thread for this so it stays on topic. Originally the towers went 5 per level, +2 for the legendary and +3 for the mythic. Then, in early 2018…when towers were too weak because damage on certain towers were actually capped, despite the display number still going up to seem like they were increasing, 5 extra levels were introduced to fix this. This was from about level 42-60…so for 18 levels players got mislead into thinking what they were buying work, when in reality, it didnt. This also combined with runes increasing speed while in reality they too were capped by a stat called duration I believe, which also mean that even if they used runes, the actual towers would never increase in effectiveness.

So, my question to you, why are players being saddled with 10 towers per tieras a fix for a problem that was nonexistent and seemingly a bit unethical? One might even argue that everything spent from that time until now is tainted by that act still…and one would probably win that argument with argument with a large tech company that oversees the store in which this app is downloaded through.

In any case, feel free to please enlighten us as to why this is still in effect when it was a solution to a problem that you yourselves created?



Also think of all those poor cheaters out there. What should they hack if they can only hack 5 tower levels per 6 months.

I think we all agree that 3/2 levels were good and justified. However, there must be a group which gives repeatedly pressure on PG to release new content or they get too bored and will leave. Be it cheaters or money burning whales.

Bc I highly doubt that any reasonable person would push for this.

It could also be a management decision who of course have no clue what game we’re playing and are only interested in profits.

In a nutshell:

There are some key drivers who push for this. Whoever it is. The game doesn’t need it.

But white spells let us all buy them. Nothing happens by mistake.


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