Tower costs too high - another lens

Summary: upper level tower costs are insanely high and form a wall for level 300 players to advance their dragons

When PG added 5 levels to Rhyo I was excited to level him up, but found myself den capped due to level. I reached level 300 and was surprised to learn that each level beyond requires 400K xp.

To go from level 300 to 305 costs $1,500 (see math below). For that $1,500, base strength barely moves and I can only add 2 levels to Rhyo.

IMO this is too much of a reach for $ by PG. If you’re a player in the 250-300 range and heading into Obsidian, be aware of the spike in cost and plan appropriately.

For the upcoming tier after Obsidian, I hope PG is reasonable about the level requirement to max the dragons.

Atlas is making them more money so hopefully they choose to invest it in keeping more ~300ish players in the game, who while not whales are significant spenders.

Math: 100K xp per tower (level 50-55), 48 days per tower, 4 towers per level, 9 days of timers per 10 gold opened (calculated from more than 100 sets of 10 gold opened), 27.5K rubies per $100 value pack.

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