Tower Evolution

This crossed my mind as i see the frustration of never ending tower type additions. I understand with new dragons coming every season with better spells to tackle a base, there will be time where pg need to step up the base game to make game more exciting. This has always been translated into more tower level or more tower types. However, we see how new tower types addition punished older players by making older tower like canon, archer, etc practically useless and if it keeps going who knows maybe someday we’ll store our dark flak too :grimacing:
So in regards of that I’ve been thinking if instead of adding more types of towers in the future, maybe pg could go with adding new ability to existing tower? It’s sort of how divine evolves past certain tier and unlocked the 3rd or 4th spell. As the tower evolve, maybe it can come with choices of additional ability like rider skill if we want it to be more interesting. Regarding the unused old towers like canon and archer, maybe if pg could come with interesting ability after evolving, it can make old towers interesting again. Its kinda boring that after certain player level most of the base now only consist of elemental towers. What do you say?

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unfortunately PG doesn’t seem to like creative and beneficial ideas… at least whenever one comes up they dont ever seem to comment on it and certainly dont implement it. But your idea is a nice spin.

The base game is really of little interest since it does not drive revenue. It is why the towers being added use embers.

Some games work to develop quality aspects to add to the game. The idea is give players something they enjoy. PG works to drive revenue and they do that with divine dragons being stronger and new towers that require materials only available with sigils and chests. Pushes the sale of more season items and more chests.

So base game offers nothing of real interest for PG

Say what? I am willing to bet at least 95% of their revenue comes from main game packs and elite accounts so im not sure why you would think this:

Very simple. OP even makes this clear in what seems to be a plea for PG to do something with the base game.

I suggest reading his post again. He makes it clear every season brings in dragons with more power spells (divine season dragons) and the towers that are strong and added to the game are not exactly base game towers.

This drives more spending on our part to get the embers via more sigils and more crates. So yes, your 95% is probably correct, but it is for these reasons.

I like this idea in the sense that you are correct, the old towers are becoming less and less useful. Trebs have been replaced with dark flak and archers replaced with fire flak and cannons have been replaced with ice flak towers. So give your player base more of an option then just building another flak. More diversity might make it more difficult for dragons and not sure they want that. But it was a good idea to me.

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It is indeed. But with the concept of evolving tower, pg can still make revenue by tweaking the requirement to build. For example, the evolving concept would make sense to require like 2 combination of material to build further in which 1 could be free (lumber, food) while the other one could be premium like ember or shard. And regarding the implementation, it can be one time thing like dragon evolution stone or continous after certain level passed. It probably won’t be as much of revenue of people building completely new tower, but it is healthier for game balance.

It’s true. But it’s not like we never encounter one before. And everyone also has riders these days. I guess it will rely on what type of ability and how they scale it. This could be our next discussion.

Oh too bad, I was thinking on tagging pg if this get good response :slightly_frowning_face:. But it really is like that, then i can’t help it. If people think it’s a good idea, it might help to delude our mind a bit so this discussion could keep going. :wink:

Your idea would essentially eliminate the free player as well as those that spend but do not spend tons. Great idea.

IIRC someone already made suggestion about this, but can’t seem to remember if PG commented on it.

the overall idea is really nice! Thanks for coming up with that.

My fear is, that it needs to be more elaborated…

For example: against “old” towers forgable resists exist, not for new ones.
For old towers “research boost” applies, not for new ones

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