Tower Glitched Shield and Blockade up

I have gone back and forth with support for over a week now about this glitched tower…
we cannot move to it from one direction.
Mapping is broken

And when we hit it from the other direction we set the shields and the blockade still works!
We know the tower is glitched/broken

When the bubble goes up the sheilds work from their side but it cannot be Attacked. They can also use Enfeeble without dropping the shields. Which doesn’t matter because the blockade is still working too.

Anyone else seeing this happen on the map?
Shield up and blockade in place?


We have also run into that glitched tower; along with a magic primarch who can attack castle guard past taunters. :expressionless:

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This is probably small consolation, but we’re aware of this glitch and are working on a patch for the next app update.

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It is literally this one spot that I can find…
has something to do with the coordinates being broken… in that one spot… sometimes if you go to safe zone then there it will work… otherwise it doesn’t.

Also, the shields, blockade and attacking are all overlapping… Primes get stacked on top of each other too… like there are two forts or points intersecting the same space causing the break.

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