Tower Icons in Tactical view

In the Tactical view of players base, all the towers have a unique icon to easily identify them, why don’t the mage towers have a color differential to quickly identify them when viewing the base?

It would be nice to have Red/Blue displayed to quickly identify them prior to attacking instead of having to tap on each tower to know which is which.

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They… do?



color blind, maybe…

Then asking for a color differential doesn’t seem very useful… They already have that.

yup… or maybe the color isnt that visible enough (for him) since the tower icon (for mage/s) looked a bit larger than the color…

but still the colors seemed (very) clear to me… hmmn

I’m not sure what you mean? They do have red and blue colors already??

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Maybe he was referring to the Map view but it’s the same…

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I never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing that out but it would be nice to have the tower colored instead of the background.

It’s already quite visible though


Totally agree, don’t think having the tower colored would be better


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