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Hey yall i was just wondering if anyone had a website with a list of the current towers, which ones are the best, and which ones are the best. I had a website a while ago but cant find it for whatever reason.

I have a returning player on my team that wants to imporve his base and i want to help him out with it. But i sadly know diddly shit about base layout and what towers are good. My base hasnt really changed since i started years back, and when i change it i get input from a friend.

I found Neon’s building website and didnt know how good it was. Also found WD blog, but that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY outdated.

If anyone could help that would be amazing! And if there was a post already made like this then please kindly direct me to it, but i looked and didnt find any.

Follow the premium currencies trend

Electrums > Elemental Embers > Lumber towers.

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Even so, within each class there are preferred towers. Oculus, for example, doesn’t get much love - most prefer to spend their electrum on orreries and crystal howitzers. Same for electro flak.

Suggest looking at top end bases and see how they are setup. If one does a lot of attacking in atlas - pay attention to bases that gave you a hard time.

Dark Flak
Ice Flak
Fire Flak
Red / Blue archmages or mages

You should be solid if you select from that list

Oculus :eyes:

Best towers in this meta are

  1. Cosmic Orrery
  2. Ice Flak
  3. Crystal Howitzer
  4. Lightnings/Charged Volt

Edit: don’t forget red/blue mages and archmages as well; fire flaks too cuz of their 50% dmg reduction super shot

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