Tower level why not

What is the ideal tower level to have at level 300?

Whatever your max build is, that is the ideal tower level.

At 300 it should be 60s, with 65s a couple levels later.

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Most people Imknow only get past 60s when they are level 360


If your builder hut is capped by player level instead of missing eggs, and your kill island is capped by the builders hut, you’re in good shape :+1:

From level 275 to 355 is where you need to have harbinger tier dragons. The maxed leveled builder hut with the obsidian eggs lets you to have level 60 towers. So it’s better to say 60 up to level 355.

Past 300, better to aim for 65.
Harbinger Mythic can reach breedable level at lv 280, which means you should’ve been able to get some extra Harb eggs, necessary for lv 65 towers, at that point.


Currently about to breed my first harbinger this breeding and will have 11 obsidian eggs I’m at level 267 , I was thinking of pushing to 300 next fort should I go for it ?

I’d suggest getting 12 for hut first, before proceeding to 300.

To get harb eggs you need to be breeding vanguard dragons which is very unusual at 300, really 60s are the norm at 300 nowadays with so many people rushing to become much higher levels rather than a more slow methodical method of going through tiers and minimising level we would’ve expected as the norm 2 or so years ago. The games progression norms have changed a lot over the years.

True, especially since lv 61 - 65 are unlocked at lv 300.
That said, pushing for 60s kill island before hatching Harb isn’t that unusual (very possible, thus it’s good if the player can do it).

For the same reason, pushing for lv 65 kill islands before 360 is advisable.
Hence my disagreement for lv 355 with lv 60 towers.

Still, Obsidian and Harb are still more stretched than the previous tiers. Therefore, having optimal kill on those 2 tiers is still preferable IMO.


Still, best practice IMO is build as fast as the breeding progress, thus getting one Vanguard ready at the level shouldn’t be hard if the player has quick progress.

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Alright I’ll push for that extra egg to get to 300.

Personally, following this path i can’t get extra harbinger eggs by hatching the harbinger mythics that’s why.

Of course someone can be in front for the breeding but again personally i am not :blush:

You can have 15 harbinger eggs at 280 with that path though, more than you need to build level 65 towers.

Yeah but in theory

Well, no, in practice too, I had Sanguis at 300 (wasn’t 280 back then).

Not saying it’s trivial mind you, but definitely possible.

Well, congrats, because i opened 1000 gold and 7500 bronze chests at the beginning of this season. Not played in a team with a lot of castes maybe that’s why.