Tower Levels 61 - 63 Incoming!


Good Tuesday, Dragon Lords!

Tower levels 61, 62, and 63 will be available in War Dragons within the hour! This is a server-delivered update, so you won’t need to download any new updates from the App Store / Google Play Store to start leveling up to 63.

The time requirements to complete these new tower levels will remain the same as previous levels. This means, the time it takes to level up a tower from 59 —> 60 will be the exact same as the time it takes to level up from 60 —> 61, 61 —> 62, and 62 —> 63.

Alongside this update, we are fixing a bug pertaining to Blue and Red mage tower research. The research tree has one node which describes a 30% HP boost for Red Mage towers, and another similar node for Blue Mage towers. There was a bug which was causing this research to provide a 40% increase to mage tower HP instead, which will be fixed with today’s update!

As an example, here’s what you can expect to see changed:

  • Let’s say there’s a hypothetical Red Mage tower with 10 HP.
  • Prior to this update, HP research would give this Red Mage tower 14 HP (40% increase buff as noted above)
  • After this fix, HP research will give this Red Mage tower 13 HP, as promised in the research description.

After this bug is fixed, this applied research will be working as intended. Good luck, and happy fortifying! :hammer:

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Cool, now please fix league swap


Ah, yes, let me get right on it.


Idk how but this GIF seems to have fixed it as you posted it literally as leagues swapped :+1::+1::+1::+1:


She’s that good. :man_shrugging:t3:


Looks like she should take over team lead, even if her solutions are magical, at least they get done :joy::joy:


:thinking: So, that’s how you keep up with all the forum posts…



:thinking: anybody know where I can get my hands on 50k 12h timers


Omg you are the GIF queen



Will the new tower levels give more XP? XP has been frozen at 106k per level starting at 53. Setting aside the propriety of quadrupling XP required to level past 300, not scaling up tower XP doesn’t help.


Because leaving it at 40% and just relabeling the research would have been such a horrible thing…

I’m so glad PG is on top of fixing the most serious of flaws in the game


Why odd numbers? (being used to multiplication of 5)


Anyone else glitched out and lost towers?

My level 62 mill has gone missing


Why on Earth would you upgrade before the event started?!?


:money_mouth_face: They want that hp boost for wars…


Please send timers


Yes, im not worried about not placing well, especially considering rss buildings only take 17 hrs or so


Will the timers required for towers 60 and below be scaled down accordingly ?