Tower Levels 61 - 63 Incoming!


how many harbinger eggs are needed


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Noooooooooooooooooooo :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I already can’t kill lvl 60s at emerald, huge spenders will be impossible for most te
ams :pensive::pensive::sweat:


and we high levels have a pain in the ass time killing harbingers


4 harbringer eggs are required to upgrade the builders hut. mills, farms and perches ok


Level 60 was “balanced” for harbingers. Please explain how a 2 dragon 5 flame war run will be reasonably achievable (i.e. possible for more than 0.1%) on a 6 or 8 island base full of 63s with harbingers and 2-3 defenders.

PG has not even released all of the harbingers yet and we have a classic money grab. There’s no reason to bump towers other than to lure people into spending to level their towers. It’s sure not to balance the game.


I would have guessed that seeing what the difference in game balance the new rider gear would bring would make a little more sense than releasing it together with new tower levels…

But let’s see what happens.


Expecting new Harbringer next…


All the new stats and requirements are at my site:


pretty much a 400K increase in damage from 61 ~ 63

so based on that note, 63 can go up against mythic harbinger.


Then why did we have to download a new update from the app store? Right as fort started too. I damn near lost my stocked up wood because I went to refresh when I heard event started, and upon logging in it says “You must update …”

Did the dev team fail to inform you that in fact there was an update involved after all? Also updates during wood rush - not a good idea.


There are some foreign teams who probably can hook you up.


didn’t let me update anything so far except the restart message. Been online for about 7 hours now.


I didn’t have to update.


Did you have to update yesterday perchance?


from what I know, only android device needed an update a few days ago.


Gotta get back to work!


5 is a odd number tho