Tower levels vs dragon tiers

Im sure it exists a list somewhere… just cant find it. Not any recent ones anyways. Im breeding Medusys at the moment. Only missing like 20k tokens to get it fully bred. Got the 520k prize, and will not get the 700k prize. So rather not spend those 20k unless i have to. Plan it to go from towers level 93 to 96 next fort. Is this possible or Will i need to have an Abyssal mythic bred for those tower levels?

You can check the eggs needed for builder hut and tower levels here


Ive got what it takes eggswize for the builder hut. Using a planner and all seems good. Just thinking about this maximum tower vs dragons bred thing… I dunno…mabe im confused here. Mabe the builderhut will cap first…

As long as your towers are capped for your level, then you’re doing good

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Yes, im level capped on my kill. But can remember beeing dragoncapped as well. “You need to have bred such and such dragons” to be able to upgrade buildings. Or am i confused?

I think you’re thinking of divines? What dragons you breed has no bearing on towers aside from the builder hut eggs you get

For divines however, sometimes it requires 2 legendaries or a mythic to level them up further

You are absolutely right :wink: Thanx alot!

Now another question… how do i delete this post before anyone else sees it?

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Hahahaha, @moderators can do that I think, but there’s no shame in asking questions and learning stuff! :smiley:


Totally agree with Fiery, for every person like you who asks a question there are 10 others having the same question but being too shy to ask, I’d say leave the question and answer up for them too.


You have walked the WALK OF SHAME. CURSES UPON YOU!!
Lol I have done more embarrassing things here on forums than you lol. Many have. No need to be embarrassed pal. You’re good. Keep asking questions.


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