Tower runes/buff issues



All this spell scaling calcs made me look over at towers and something ain’t right with first check.

Research+rune+rider=39.3% Lightning atk boost
Base x 1.39 = visual atk of Lighting :heavy_check_mark:

Tower atk speed buff = 23.8%, how to test?..

Rune + perch dragon = 106% supershot
Visual supershot = base x 1.262 :x::x::x:

Monument Runes not giving buffs

Probably related to this issue, but I was getting goofy stats after the update as well.


Update related? As the post you mentioned was perch buffs, not runes/glyphs which seems the be the issue here.


As I said could be related. My stats with my runes, perch dragons were all messed up after the update.


The easiest way to test this is to remove all lightning towers from your base, never level them again, and leave them stored because they suck :slightly_smiling_face:

Kidding aside I havent looked at this


:rofl: I don’t have any lightening towers got rid of them long time ago cause someone told me to.


A 5 lightning Island still hurts like hell :joy:


Yeah I ran Eva’s tonight which I haven’t done in a very long time and that 5 lightening towers hurt.


Leaves a beautiful anchor :slightly_smiling_face:
Especially with cloaks and freezing spells


Here’s another
30% total ballista research boost (26% all towers, 4% specific) but only getting 26%, possibly the 4% ballista specific research doesn’t work?
22% + 4% = 26%


@PGCrisis anything?


Here’s one y’all might take interest in.

31%, 26% all towers 5% DF

Only getting 26.8%


Just curious what you have found not applying? Bc just doing some quick tests on my own dark flack I seem to come up about 200k attack short of where I should be. That’s even excluding tower boosts on the monuments

To be fair though, math isn’t my strong suit :joy:


Take your visual atk and divide it by the base attack at your towers level. If you subtract 1 from that then multiply by 100 you get the % boost you’re actually getting. Compare this to what you should be getting.


Ok so doing that I only come up 2% short of where I should be. Except for the monument boost which doesn’t seem to be applying. Here’s my numbers just to make sure I’m not mistaken

Attack seen 2.94m
Base attk. 1892666
Runes. +6%
Research 22% combat tower attack
Gear. 34% attack

And the missing 30% monument boosts :man_facepalming:


So supposed to be 62% only getting 55%? Am I reading your numbers correctly? You seem to be showing runes not applying as 56% is your total research + gear very close to the 55% visual atk/base atk gave us.

6% + 22% + 34% = 62%

You don’t have the 5% DF specific atk research as I’m seeing those, DF specific and Ballista specific researches, not applying?

All my tests are without this, but as dragon visual doesn’t change with consumables I’ll assume towers don’t either, will test now. Edit: assumption seems to be true, applying monument boosts didn’t change visual numbers.


Yeah sorry I accidentally used the number I should be at when finding out how much I was short :man_facepalming:. My research was just taking the + all combat tower attack ones. And no I don’t have dark flack research done


This is still odd as my OP has runes working fine for Lighting atk just not Supershot, maybe cause lightning is old so they kinda work while DF is not. :man_shrugging:


Bambam may actually be onto something here

My research table

My actual numbers comparison


  • Archer buffs (fiber pulleys, etc) are actually being counted in the attack figures


Your chart had me do a double, I was still stuck on 26% all from lightning calc, only 22%. What I get for doing calcs without a chart to keep em together, only get that when I’m at the office.

That would be odd considering Lightning’s ain’t.

So, what can we figure out is actually wrong here?

Seriously my bad from before :man_facepalming:, kinda like my War Cry pre scale calc with Noob wasn’t factoring hunter per shot is dps/2…