Tower runes/buff issues

Bambam may actually be onto something here

My research table

My actual numbers comparison


  • Archer buffs (fiber pulleys, etc) are actually being counted in the attack figures

Your chart had me do a double, I was still stuck on 26% all from lightning calc, only 22%. What I get for doing calcs without a chart to keep em together, only get that when I’m at the office.

That would be odd considering Lightning’s ain’t.

So, what can we figure out is actually wrong here?

Seriously my bad from before :man_facepalming:, kinda like my War Cry pre scale calc with Noob wasn’t factoring hunter per shot is dps/2…

Did i miss a 6% HP in my research tree?
Can someone confirm this?
This is #1 priority for me to confirm that my data is actually correct.

All I find is the two 4% HP’s to all you show, maybe it’s on your gear side? Didn’t y’all say mythic warriors perch buff is HP?

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Ah yes legendary warrior perch HP is 15%. That works

So atk seems pretty good, can help figure out the outliers too.

You got a chart of Supershots created already as that’s the one I have error on with Lightning’s?

I’ve left SS out of this since i don’t have much data on how gear and buffs affect their outcome.

Will try:

  • Research speeds to attack #s
  • “Frenzy” style runes to rune #s

Attack speed is definitely adjustable as seen from those darn Temple bases, but how to test?
Also how to test actual damage, of regular atk and SS, as damage to dragon doesn’t give visual numbers while flying? Seeing actual damage is only way to test monument consumables since they don’t register in the visual info screen.

I think a lot of towers SS buffs need looked into.

I showed then retracted Ballista atk damage, but didn’t look at SS.

My Ballistas have 0% instead of 43% to supers while my Lightning’s have 26% instead of 106%.

Runes still dead, anything?

Ballistas are even more messed up besides the runes.
@Arelyna @Crisis any update, been a month?
Don’t forget about lightnings and War Cry, thanks.

Another week goes by and Ballistas poison damage is still broken, PG you really do love to watch me suffer… its sick but i cant judge just want it fixed, please.

Two months in, no update?

Still hoping something comes up about this

Been found out Stonespear perch sorcerer is giving 26% to SS then runes are not buffing towers SS. Anyone else able to test something in relation to this to give em secondary info?

No perched dragon, SS is base #. Like first post says, attack is correctly shown meaning runes is effecting attack but not SS.

With new Plat sorcerer and increased rider % SS gets 27.1% (15% dragon, 12.1% rider)

If this is a visual error @PGIgroc @Arelyna @Crisis can we please get a quick fix for it and be done? If it’s just not working is this a part of what y’all looking into all runes to see if they’re working post y’all made?

Another update missing this.

42.1% SS buff here (perch, rider, research)
Missing 57% in runes/glyphs

Base SS
Missing 9% in runes/glyphs

10% SS buff (research)
Missing 53% in runes/glyphs

Base SS
Missing 23% in runes/glyphs

So all those look as to runes/glyphs don’t show up, like consumables. This is where that gets away from that. First is runes/glyphs for regular damage works great. Second is

10% SS buff (from what? The .5 second stun duration research?)
Missing 67% in runes/glyphs (no 10%’s, closest is 9% but doesn’t match 10% buff)

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Nearly 5 months for even a notion of runes/buff issue, visual or not? Just that alone would be helpful.

Nearly 3 months ballistas don’t do any poisoning damage which not only puts an issue to their specific damage but their “poison reduces dragon damage” and “poison increases damage to dragon” buffs as well, are they working?

If anyone wouldn’t mind doing some tests to answer at least if “reduces dragon damage” is working the player base can answer that question. PM me if you can.

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PG, I’m still trying to figure out how to use the legendary weakening glyph I won a few events back. Please respond before fort. How many ballistas does the benefit scale to?

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