Tower runes/buff issues



Did i miss a 6% HP in my research tree?
Can someone confirm this?
This is #1 priority for me to confirm that my data is actually correct.


All I find is the two 4% HP’s to all you show, maybe it’s on your gear side? Didn’t y’all say mythic warriors perch buff is HP?


Ah yes legendary warrior perch HP is 15%. That works


So atk seems pretty good, can help figure out the outliers too.

You got a chart of Supershots created already as that’s the one I have error on with Lightning’s?


I’ve left SS out of this since i don’t have much data on how gear and buffs affect their outcome.

Will try:

  • Research speeds to attack #s
  • “Frenzy” style runes to rune #s


Attack speed is definitely adjustable as seen from those darn Temple bases, but how to test?
Also how to test actual damage, of regular atk and SS, as damage to dragon doesn’t give visual numbers while flying? Seeing actual damage is only way to test monument consumables since they don’t register in the visual info screen.


I think a lot of towers SS buffs need looked into.

I showed then retracted Ballista atk damage, but didn’t look at SS.

My Ballistas have 0% instead of 43% to supers while my Lightning’s have 26% instead of 106%.

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