Tower Transformation Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming Beta of Tower Transformation here.

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What if the Leveln of the recycled tower is too low to increase the level of the kept tower? Or is a level 10 tower always high enough to increase every tower level by at least 1?

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The simple answer to this is no. When this happens, you can select another tower to add to the merge so their combined value can hopefully raise you a level. You need to carefully plan this though as in many situations it is the source tower XP and not the value that will restrict levelling.

What is the procedure when player cap level is smaller than the tower merge result… Are the Rss and xp lost? Or can the rest be used to upgrade another tower.??

The result of a merge will be capped by the usual tower restrictions, such as the max tower level you can build naturally. If you combine towers that produce excess value in XP beyond what level cap you are currently at, the excess value will be lost; this means that if you were to end up with a level 30 tower when you could only have a level 20, those 10 levels between the two would disappear into the Void.

there you go, from that same article.

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So you would need To Level that Tower Till its worth that 1 level for your high level tower.
Will there be an option to select multiple towers, like when salvaging multiple runes ?

Just invest the resources you’ll use to level the donating tower into the actual tower you want to level.

I think yes you can merge multiple towers into one.

Check for more info here through out the discussion thread: Development Update: November 2019 Official Discussion Thread

Is there a calculator or some sort? If I add a level 28 canon to a level 30 lightning will my tower go up by like 10-15 levels? I’m a little confused as to how this works. It would be nice to have a calculator that we could put our towers into and check the outcome. I have so many wasted towers I think this will be a good thing.


We will begin turning on Tower Transformation for everyone now. Please be aware that this may take some time to populate to everyone’s game!


How long will the beta phase (95% efficiency) take? Can we wait for next forti?

Arelyna just transformation? will merging be at a later date?

Sorry, both are available now! Merge can be found by going into the upgrade menu :slight_smile:
I’ll add a gif here and to the blog shortly.

The beta will last until at least the end of 2019. You can wait for Fort if you would like, but please remember that transforming or merging a tower will not give you any points towards Fort


Hi I just upgraded a ice flak by 2 levels from stored towers, should my base level xp have gone up?

Hey Raptor,


Hope this answers the question

Not sure which you’re asking about so: Your xp-to-next-level may well have gone up. It is not possible for your level to go up or for you to get closer to your next level-up via transform or merge.

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Merge Tower:

Tower Transformation:


Ok great so player xp/level won’t go up, merge is a feature to right the wrongs of early building out I. Stead of up but does base defence go up?

My question is… If you transfer from one tower to another, will it provide base xp? It wasn’t clear if you gain xp and level your base. Or I miss understood it.

No you won’t gain xp