Tower Type Classification

Is there a sheet somewhere with all the tower type classification (beam/projectile) for all towers? Thank you

I looked but I didn’t see any class in tower descriptions. Is it the Elemental: Yes/No
I was also hope for everything in one place

I have this super old picture from the flak era, don‘t know who made it though

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Never fact-checked this with neon though

That’s the one I once saw. Thanks! Now I just need to classify: Howi, Orerry, Pylon, Volt and Occulus.

Should be

Howi: 2x projectile
Orrery: 1x projectile, 1x shield
Pylon: 2x beam
Volt: 2x beam
Oculus: 2x projectile


I’m not seeing anywhere and tower type classification wether beam or projectile anywhere on Neon.

You can check „dodgeable“
If „yes“ usually means it‘s projectile, if „no“ means it‘s beam.


Aaah thank you!

Logically, „invertible“ should be the same but it‘s not because the flak projectiles are not invertible (by inverse/reverse projectiles) so there‘s two seperate categories.

And while we‘re at it, „elemental“ means if it‘s blockable by elemental barrier, elemental mayhem etc. (these should be all beams + flaks & fire turret) [not sure about orrery and oculus]

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Dodgeable isn’t obvious for classification either surely we’ve had tons especially hunters dodging them.

Thank you for taking the time :pray:

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PG and we have a different definition on the term dodge.

This is a joke, but how PG calls changes that were supposed to fix darkmire dragons “fixes” while we don’t see anything fixed by those changes pretty much explains how terms can mean differently. :rofl:

Thanks for the picture data
Nice share :blush:

Dodging refers to spells like deflecting gale or evasion.
What you mean is blinking it. Beams are technically projectiles too but usually pretty fast ones (lightnings travel at 300 speed, flaks at 100 and dragons at 4.2) so you can freeze them mid air or blink them by cloaking after they shot and before they hit you. You could also time something like naja’s shield in the correct rhythm to block the damage while not having it up all the time but its not really something you can reliably react to, more anticipation and memorization.
Assuming the speeds are in units per second a volt tower (sees you at 70 range, shoots at 500 u/s) leaves you with (70 / 500 = ) 0.14s to react. Regular lightnings are a bit more generous at (70/300 = ) 0.233s
Their supershots gain 20 range to their range so its now 0.18s and 0.3s respectively. Alternatively you can try to memorize the positions and where you are when they hit so you dont need to really react to it.
You might have even less time to react, depending on how often the game actually checks your inputs but I havent found anything about that that I could rely on and its most likely not gonna change much anyways

The list of towers resisted by elemental barrier are, according to Neon: Crystal Howitzer, Dark Flak Tower, Drakul Pylon, Earth Flak Tower, Electro-Flak Tower, Fire Flak Tower, Fire Turret, Ice Flak Tower, Ice Turret, Lightning Tower, Storm Tower
But there could any tower pg wants in a list of that spells family, see Trapper’s Focus. They can even fine tune how much each tower types damage is reduced.
Elemental Mayhem on the other hand seems to be hard-coded to Storm, Lightning and both turrets. Might work on new lightnings too but not very likely (provided they made it work in the first place, but its been about 4 years since I last bothered to try)

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