Tower Upgrade EXP Bug

Currently experiencing a bug where after upgrading towers, experience stopped appearing in the level gauge after I hit level 43. I’m not sure if this is just a cosmetic error or if I’m truly not receiving experience after leveling up towers. This bug has been going on since Sunday 5-19. I have emailed the support team that night but have received no response. I have tried force stopping the app and logging out, logging back in. Nothing changed. Mostly I’m concerned about the timers I have potentially wasted upgrading the towers. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if the support team can help me out. Thanks!

Did you by any chance merge or transform any towers?

If you tap on the xp gauge, what amount of XP needed does the popup show?

Checking now…currently it says I need 17k til next level. Not sure how much it normally takes to get from 43 to 44 though. I’m also upgrading a low level Archer tower to see if that number changes at all.

Pretty sure you transformed a tower and experience the intended xp deficit, aka increased xp to reach next level.

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It normally takes 14.4k, so the bar will start moving once you’re past that point.

And yep, only way for that to happen is transforming/merging. You get an xp deficit from that which you need to clear before you can start leveling again.

I did transform a tower, yes. I see what you’re saying now. I may just be working through that XP extension. That’s a relief! Thanks for your help, I totally forgot about those level cap adjustments.


If you want to look up the normal xp at some point in the future you can check here btw:

You can also look up how much xp you pay for a transformation: