Towers’ Attack Power Graph

Hi all,

There was a graph/chart awhile back, probably outdated now, that showed the power of all the attack towers. Does anyone have this? My search powers and regular sources failed me. :sweat:

There are good graphs here -

Though, if you need all different towers on one graph, those are not the graphs you are looking for.

In general, dark flak has the highest, then goes electo flak and fire flak, then the rest.

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Thank you for the link, that is really cool!

Yes, this was a graph with all the towers on the same chart.

Something like this?

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Yes, that is it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well, I still remember one graphing the power, but this should be what I need. :hugs:

EDIT: darn, it’s not. Does anyone have the graph showing the tower output values?

If you’re looking for one overlapping the DPS of each tower throughout the levels the numbers off of the sites should do. You’d have to pull the chart numbers off, align the required level of different towers, then create your own chart.

I’d do it if I had a computer, just my phone and work computer (not using that…), as it would be an interesting graphic.

That’s what I’m looking for, yes. At some point, someone had one somwhere, whether it was here or on LINE, I can’t remember. :sweat:

I found these while scrolling back through my photos, what you’re after? I can’t remember what towers or class I used for this though… I’d have to look at the original file.