Towers to level

So I’ve seen similar posts but curious now with the howitzer people’s opinions.

Now assuming eventually I’ll be switching to a mid long base. What are the first 10 towers I should be leveling to max, and the next 5?

I ask this now because sometimes to hit a specific goal in a fort event I can not overshoot but putting a few levels in some lower level extra towers after the main ones are maxed and I’d like those to not be wasted levels.

My current small kill Island is Ice Flak, Dark Flak, Earth Flak, Red Mage, Blue Mage.

My thoughts are another blue and red mage, and a howitzer. What else, a 4th flak, 3 lightning, a storm? What should be my 5th tower with my farms and mills, is either turret worth leveling up?

it’ll be a long way until you actually move to island 4 & 5, as u r still a 200s, fyi. -dont move too early.

anyways, imo, after 10 towers, base layout depends on how many flaks you can keep on lvling.

but u got the right idea about 3 lt’s, 1 ch, 1 storm, and another set of mages.

the 5th for your farms/mills, would be a totem, if u can spare some ember for it.

and turrets are great food for your flaks :grin:, so lvl up a little and feed them to your flaks… if you’re in a bit of ember shortage.

Wouldn’t feeding turrets to flaks set me back in XP a lot? How do you do it efficiently? What would be the next flak to do if I started a 4th, a duplicate or a different one?

It would, and I really wouldn’t recommend building turrets for merging.

The other options are all solid, although you never know what the landscape will be like by the time you actually go to 10 towers. I’d say you can’t really go wrong with a second set of mages, so I’d go for those first when you need to go beyond your 5. After that I’d stick to lightnings or a second storm because at least you’ll never run out of a rare resource for them. But just the 7 should get you pretty much all the way to 400 I think, if you keep up with your breeding well.

it would.

but then after reaching mid 500s, u will end up being careless about lvling anyways. :crazy_face:

In my opinion your current kill island with 3 flaks is enough I don’t recommend getting a fourth flak unless u r a spender.
As for the back middle island I recommend 4 lightning towers with red mage tower if u getting the harwizer then I guess only 3 lightning towers and red mage.

I mean that’s a LONG way away from 200. I don’t think putting him behind now for what he might do IF he gets that high is right


well, i did mention “after.” :grin:

Thanks, going to stick with the mages. So really all the fire and ice shards, no point using them right now :frowning:

Is there any down side to sticking things in storage and just waiting till I’m higher level to merge them away?

You can always use your shards to level turret as much as you can and then transform into legacy towers for no xp cost

My advice for your second kill island: 3 lightnings, a CH and, as your last tower, a red mage. IMO, second kill island needs long range and be able to do damage (maxed mage alone can’t kill dragons)

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But what would be the point of that? You still lose a few levels in the transform, and you save nothing at all. Seems like you’d just be throwing away timers that way.

You don’t lose any tower levels if you transform a turret into legacy. Also turrets are better than most legacy towers so you can benefit from this for a short period


Ahh you’re right about the levels, my bad.

I guess in that sense you can always build up a fire/ice turret, and when you run out of shards for it you can just turn it into a lightning/mage/whatever at no real loss other than the shards. Good thinking.

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Thanks for the advice everyone.

Think I’m good for now. I’ll put in to red mage when I need and then use the turrets for those last few points if I really need to hit prizes. I can see how things are when I’m ready and maybe turrets are actually good, or at that point I can transform them back into the Lightning I need, should give me the most flexibility and at least use my shards for points.


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