Trade in / Salvage Season Riders

I have a couple seasonal riders from when I started playing that I didn’t finish due to not really understanding their importance or how the game worked at the time. Since I will never use them for anything but tier one rider missions i would like to be able to trade them in for blue rider shards.

Maybe 1 blue shard for every rider level.

I think, sir, that you are describing murder. :face_with_monocle:


Yes that’s accurate. I would like to murder a few riders and receive fair compensation for their organs.


I have a useless saito. Worth less cuz he has no eyes! That’s unfair!!!

I would like to salvage portia and rosheen pls

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Poortia :pleading_face:

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I would love to salvage Bjorn and Vivian because I didn’t finish them and now they are collecting dust :pleading_face:

I do have same issues with few riders, but they can still be used for atlas missions with gear.

I’ll take them lol I need riders for gear and missions

See, I would like the reverse - trade in blue rider stones for previous-season rider stone-equivalents (or better yet trade in red rider stones…mmmm). Even if the exchange rate sucked it would give us something to do with extra rider stones. Would be great to find a way to finish leveling some of those early-game riders I got when I didn’t know what I was doing…