Trade unused eggs

Would be a good idea to be able to trasform old unused eggs into new tokens?? It might happen that there are some created at the very beginning and then remaines useless


I’ll trade you 400 purple eggs for your gold eggs.

on topic, it might be better (easier?) for 2 red eggs to equal one purple egg… and two purple eggs make a blue egg.


I understand what you both want to do but there will be difficulties implementing this without abuse.

Especially for the second proposition, what will stop players to abuse the system of eggs traded for higher tiers eggs? People could make tons of guaranteed red eggs for 20 tokens and trade all the way to their current tier… That would either be outrageously cheap or require odd numbers of eggs at each tier and honestly PG is not always fair when it comes to transforming items into others…


there would probably have to be different prices for each tier, not just “two lower eggs equals one higher egg”.

So since a green egg can be bred for 800 tokens, and an orange egg can be bred for 20, 40 orange eggs could equal one green egg.

the only tier this might not work for is green though… gold eggs are cheaper to backbreed than green ones

Another way to keep it from abuse is to skew the trades so that if it’s done too often, it reduces the amount of total eggs.

For example:
Gain 1 Blue egg for the cost of 5 red eggs, but if you want red eggs from blue, you only get 4 from 1. Such that trading 25 red eggs for 5 blue eggs and back will end in 20 blue eggs.

Ofc, that means players trading eggs back and forth would screw themselves over (and we have a lot of mechanics like that already) but it prevents one from increasing the amount of eggs for a particular color by just trading back and forth.

I believe there is a way to make it fair but one would have to get into the weeds of it. (Cue summon circle for the Math Wiz)

The main problem I see is PG… Not only they gain nothing but the appreciation of a few players but do you honestly think they will look up the cheapest breeding pairs available to the player for the trade prizes?

Yeah, me neither.

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