Trading post analysis - Corruption week 2

“So yeah man, I’ve been like totally out there in the mountains, and I found some great stuff man. Like way out amazing stuff. So like, remember crafting shards, all the colored thingies I always trade for different colors? FORGET ABOUT THOSE CRYSTALS. Crystals are so yesterday man, the new stuff is gemstones. These are like a thousand times stronger man, you’ll totally forget crystals even ever existed. All the cool kids use gemstones now. Trust me, this stuff will make you ascend so high you won’t even believe it. It’s so random there’s even random in your random stuff now. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yes, you totally need to ditch those old crystals and get some of these new gemstones from me. I didn’t even bring anything else to trade, these gemstones are the bomb, bro. Totally rad. Get them already.”

Day 1 analysis

  • Fire gemstones x10 for 1100 fire crafting crystals (50x)
  • Dark gemstones x10 for 1100 dark crafting crystals (50x)
  • Wind gemstones x10 for 1100 wind crafting crystals (50x)
  • Earth gemstones x10 for 1100 earth crafting crystals (50x)
  • Ice gemstones x10 for 1100 ice crafting crystals (50x)

So to max out one pair of boots, you need 1863 primary gemstones, 1317 secondary gemstones. Meaning you’ll need 4 days of these trades to max anything, assuming this’ll reset each day.

As for the cost, maxing one pair of boots will end up costing about 3.5m crafting crystals in this trade. A regular piece of mythic/exotic gear costs 2.3m crystals, so this is about 50% more expensive. Not cheap but also not totally crazy for a new currency trade.

If you already have all your mythic/exotic gear sorted, you might as well throw some crystals at this and get some of the new stuff. If you’re still very much busy sorting mythic/exotic gear out, I would pass on this trade.

Day 2 analysis

Gemstones man, gemstones everywhere.

Day 3 analysis


Day 4 analysis

The gold chests look pretty good and… who am I kidding, it’s more gemstones.

Day 12 analysis

What what, what day is it? Who are you people? Why am I sleeping in this cardboard box? Oh yeah, crystals. Those crystals are the bomb, but maybe next time I’ll bring some regular stuff again…


Thank you Morr .

What I would recommend is wait on using these new currencies till they make them count for Gear Event so you don’t lose the points and use them wisely .


Dang … 3.5M shard equivalency … that’s steep for casual players, especially considering how tiny the extra boosts are. Feels like this will end up being for whales and grinders only. Casual players need not apply.


OMG @Morreion I LOVE your stories, but this one really had me laugh out loud. :rofl: :joy:
Thanks for making my day!
Peace brother :peace_symbol:


Yeah, had me rolling too! :joy: Is it possible to craft this new gear without having Mythic or Exotic gear yet :thinking:

Yup, not an option for me. I’m still working on maxxing my elite sets. Mythic/exotic not an option for me, neither will be ascendant. Should make balancing dragons for the spectrum of players more difficult. Personally, I didn’t find Solarius to be OP, just good/decent. Wonder if that’s because I didn’t have mythic gear or the fabled exotic glove.


With how much you can equip on a dragon, it makes it tough. Rider plus runes and glyph and also gear. With all the max trinkets on sola sure it can seem OP but then also depends on what kind of flyer your consider yourself. Happy flying and best of luck in gear quests.

Yes it is

Lame, each day is the same stuff. Why even do 50 claim caps each day then?

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“I didn’t even bring anything else to trade, these gemstones are the bomb, bro. Totally rad. Get them already.””



Didnt even bring any tombs for us to exchange scrolls for

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Don’t worry we still have four more days to go…

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3? Lol

Technically it was four, it currently says that the trading post is open for another 3 days and 20 hours.

Because they want people to spend on the worthless rage rune branch. They don’t even hide it anymore.


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Come on Morreion, how please update, how am I mean to know if day 2 is better than day 1. :crazy_face:

Reginald is turning into one of those crazy hippies that believes in the power of crystals and gems :rofl: :woman_facepalming: :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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:joy: you brought smile on my off day. Thanks mate.


Seriously that’s why I felt each time new things are introduced, there is a concerted effort to undermine players and I wonder how many players can continue to tolerate this absurdity. My patience is near end. I bet more nonsense were to come and I guess relic is another pile of garbage. Just stop the development already if PG is no longer interested or give a royal discount to milk players one last time for packs and then wind up without notice. :rofl:

People play a game to have fun not to get cheated by some stupid random things that hardly bring any improvement over exotic gears at such a hefty price increase. Stop using balance as an excuse to think of ways to milk players. It takes a lot of effort to prevent being milked and this game is all about that. Should rename the game to War Milking of Players :joy::+1: