Trading post analysis - Corruption week 3

Day 1 analysis

Surprise, it’s gemstones again!

Day 2 analysis

My precious gemstones, keep your hands off!


Poor Reggie…his soul sucked dry by Gemstones.

Not even surprise :slight_smile:

Is Reggie foreshadowing what is to come? Is he trying to warn us that Gemstones are going to be hard to get?

Or did PG forget to reset Ole Reggie? :man_shrugging:

My soul is sucked dry by gemstones.

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I suspect Reg has joined a Gem cult. That or he got sucked into a pyramid scheme


Another Gemstones week :hushed:

This week’s trading post wasn’t scheduled, so maybe they forgot to remove Reginald. :speak_no_evil:


Did not see that coming. :scream:

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Urgh, please tell me these Trading Posts are a one (two) off.

Maybe do a separate trading post for these and then an actual trading post, you know, the proper one, for people who care not for this ridiculousness

my name is gemstones