Trading post analysis - Darkmire week 12

Reginalds regiment of run-down rascals are in need of new shoes, it would seem, so he’s pulling out the old wares cart once more.

Day 5 analysis

  • Electrum bars x2500 for 600 sigils (50x) An ok price, but not great. The repeating node at the end of the electrum tower line has way better value than this. If you’re short on electrum it’s ok, but easy to pass up too if you’re low on sigils.
  • Hammers x50 for 5000 black pearls (100x) 100 pearls per hammer still seems excessive. Only for those who really need hammers, or really have too many pearls to ever run out.
  • Wind crafting shards x10k for 12k fire crafting shards (100x) The standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Egg tokens x30k for Mystic fragment x150 (100x) Comes down to 200 tokens per fragment like before. Solid deal to change fragments for something more flexible, unless you really need the event points.
  • Egg tokens x3000 for Mystic fragment x15 (100x) Exactly the same, but with smaller numbers.

Day 4 analysis

  • Egg Tokens x4600 for 5 gold chests (50x) A fair value trade if tokens are what you need from gold chests. To get the same average tokens from opening chests you would need 16 golds in breed (with pretty bad other drops) or 26 gold chests in pvp. If you also want pvp supplies, timers and sigils just as much keep the golds, but if you specifically need tokens more, this is a good option.
  • Wood boost x20 for 200 sigils ( 10x ) Seems like a reasonable price if you regularly run out of these, they definitely get more wood per sigil than the lumber packs, but lack the instant gratification factor.
  • Hammers x100 for 150 sigils (100x) These have been in a lot of the limited branches for slightly cheaper, but of course you can get a whole lot more here without going through other prizes. I suppose it’s a pretty fair deal if you need hammers.
  • Healing potions x100 for 50 sigils (10x) Very fair price. A lot of people will have plenty of these but if you don’t this is a much cheaper way to get them than any others available.
  • XP potions x15 for 50 sigils (100x) These are a bit like the wood and food pack offers. Yes xp is pretty easy to grind for free, and you can get these for free from dragon quests too, so it’s never really good value to buy them. But if you can’t be bothered with grinding or quests, these are cheap enough to just remove the whole leveling worry for a fair bit of time. Fair whaling option.

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary Oculus HP Glyph for 100 sigils Not an amazing rune, with just 3% HP and 2% attack. And the price got bumped up 50% from week 4. I guess it’s still affordable but if you already picked up the one in week 4 this one won’t stack. Probably not worth it.
  • Ice shards x500 for 600 fire shards (50x) I guess it could be useful for the ice turret loving weirdos out there :grin: but still not enough for a single level on a near-max ice turret.
  • XP potions x25 for 625 fire shards (10x) Meh.
  • Platinum chests x5 for 700 sigils ( 10x ) About 3k rubies worth of sigils to get 6k rubies in plats, same as last time. Worth getting.
  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils (10x) The reverse sigil chest. Putting the 10k rubies back into super sigil chests will get you a slight profit on average (about 2500 sigils back), so this one is kind of a no-brainer to get.

Day 2 analysis

  • Elemental embers x900 for 1 cosmic charge (20x) Not bad if you have excess cosmic charges, but embers are a bit more of an outgoing currency.
  • Electrum bars x7500 for 2 platinum chests (15x) This is pretty interesting, this is nearly 20 times the normal electrum drop rate from platinums. You do give up on quite a lot too of course, on average 125 sigils, 500 tokens, 7 days of timers and 1300 embers for 2 plats, as well as 380 electrum. But I do think 7500 electrum is better value, more so if you actually need electrum a lot. I would go for this if you have plat chests lying around.
  • Electrum bars x900 for 1100 black pearls (15x) Even better than the earlier deals with embers,
    but quite sad to see it got downgraded to 15x instead of 100x
  • Ice crafting shards x10k for 12k earth crafting shards (100x) The standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Inner fire x15 for 100 sigils (100x) Not really worth getting.

Day 1 analysis

  • Mythic Charged Volt HP Glyph for 2800 sigils Probably the weakest mythic Volt glyph you can think up, with just 3% attack boost and no supershot boost. That said, it’s not like there are a lot of other runes for those towers out there, so might as well get this one.
  • Lumber pack x20 for 100 sigils ( 100x ) Never going to be good value in absolutes, since lumber is free, but if you like to whale your fort event without any worry about hunting lumber these are cheap.
  • Lightning resist x75 for 100 sigils (20x) Same offer as last time. If you ever run out of these they’re probably worth getting, even if they won’t stop Volt towers from frying your bacon.
  • Rune dust x350k for 100 sigils (20x) Actually more expensive than last time, which was already expensive. One of his kids must have demanded Yeezys or something. Skip.
  • Chisels x60 for 250 sigils (15x) Reasonably prices, but not so cheap that they’re a must have. Nice if you lack chisels specifically.

I copy pasted last week’s day 2 wrote a totally new and fresh analysis of day two!


Most recent one I think is the best one yet 700 sigils for 5 platinum chests, that equates to 54 draconics if you have festive unlocked or 50 platinums for 7k if you max it out. I bought the platinums cashed them in and got half the sigil cost back plus the mats, timers, worth losing 3k sigils to gain all those building mats and timers the week before forti and still be able to get 27 draconian chests from festiv

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So practically the same. Changes look to be plus 300 sigils for the glyph. And now xp pots instead of timers… My non Morrien take is no to Occulus meh to the fire shard trades, yes to Plats and since it is SS time yes to Rubies


Sounds fair :grin:


Does a rhino pick the deals or what is going on? Two times XP potions!? Hammers and healing potions, ice shards and expensive trades… At the end of the season many of us could have need some timers e.g. this was a really disappointing trade market thing :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I loved the inner fires in the trading post. Best thing by far from this season.

Uh that was last season :sweat_smile:

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