Trading post analysis - Dreadfrost week 9

Sorry guys I missed day 1, but I suppose at least it was just all old familiar offers repeated. I suspect the rest of this post will just be copy paste as well, but here it is anyhow.

Day 5 analysis

  • Cosmic Charge x10 for 1500 sigils (10x) An ok price, but not great. If you really need these it’s ok but the oculus line seems a nicer place to get them.
  • Hammers x50 for 5000 black pearls (100x) 100 pearls per hammer still seems excessive. Only for those who really need hammers, or really have too many pearls to ever run out.
  • 12h timers x15 for 170 sigils A fair price, no mega-bargain but not expensive either. Pretty good to get if you’re low on timers.
  • Fire crafting shards x10k for 12k wind crafting shards (100x) The standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Gold chests x5 for 300 sigils (5x) Solid deal. They won’t pay for themselves, but 300 sigils is nicer than the normal cost of 2000 rubies. Get them if you can spare the sigils.

Day 4 analysis

  • Egg Tokens x4600 for 5 gold chests (50x) A fair value trade if tokens are what you need from gold chests. To get the same average tokens from opening chests you would need 16 golds in breed (with pretty bad other drops) or 26 gold chests in pvp. If you also want pvp supplies, timers and sigils just as much keep the golds, but if you specifically need tokens more, this is a good option.
  • Hammers x100 for 150 sigils (100x) These have been in a lot of the limited branches for slightly cheaper, but of course you can get a whole lot more here without going through other prizes. I suppose it’s a pretty fair deal if you need hammers.
  • Healing potions x100 for 50 sigils (10x) Very fair price. A lot of people will have plenty of these but if you don’t this is a much cheaper way to get them than any others available.
  • Lightning resist x20 for 200 sigils (20x) These got a massive price hike from last time. Skip.
  • XP potions x15 for 50 sigils (100x) These are a bit like the wood and food pack offers. Yes xp is pretty easy to grind for free, and you can get these for free from dragon quests too, so it’s never really good value to buy them. But if you can’t be bothered with grinding or quests, these are cheap enough to just remove the whole leveling worry for a fair bit of time. Fair whaling option.

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary Drakul Attack Glyph for 700 sigils. Not the greatest glyph ever, but also pretty cheap. Wouldn’t get it “just in case” but if you have an empty slot for one right now you might as well pick it up.
  • Ice shards x500 for 600 fire shards (50x) I guess it could be useful for the ice turret loving weirdos out there but still not enough for a single level on a near-max ice turret.
  • 3h timers x5 for 625 fire shards (5x) Good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Note that using shards for resource transformation merges does get you more hours for the same shards, but since actual timers are much more broadly usable I still feel these are worth getting.
  • Dark crafting shards x10k for 12k earth crafting shards (30x) The standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Platinum chests x5 for 700 sigils ( 10x ) About 3k rubies worth of sigils to get 6k rubies in plats, same as last time. Worth getting.

Day 2 analysis

  • Electrum bars x700 for 1 cosmic charge (20x) Same as last summer. As a percentage of a tower level, 700 electrum is worth more than a cosmic charge. If you’re not using charges much this is worth going for.
  • Elemental Embers x9000 for 2 platinum chests (100x) Also same as last summer, not a bad trade if you need embers more than other things.
  • Elemental Embers x1000 for 1100 black pearls (100x) Very nice trade for anyone with more than enough black pearls, nearly 1:1. Pearls are of course more expensive in lines etc, but once you have enough for your perches and builder hut, any more has no use, so go for it.
  • Earth crafting shards x10k for 12k ice crafting shards (100x) The standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Inner fire x15 for 100 sigils (100x) Not really worth getting.

Thank you as always. :pray:t2:


Platinum chests are pretty much a gamble so odds are yes and no, for example I only got like half of the sigils I spent back so it felt not as worth it as much as how many timers I got, also we all don’t really need Embers anymore? Right? I feel like my Embers are like the new Black Pearls. In a nutshell Platinum chests feel like a “hit or miss” to most people

But anyways thanks for helping anyways.

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Another Drakul glyph… yay…


Yay! Thank you so much my friend!

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Usual terrible day 4 junk


finally some gold chests … max 5 claims lol

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Does anyone know if the timers option worth it? I have about 60k sigs, can use some timers

what? …wait, you have 60k sigil? or 6k ? if it is 60k ? why not go for tower line?

saving for dragconic

I dont usually spend my sigs after mythic until i get all dragconic chests

Alright, I see. then I suggest to keep the sigils. The timers isn’t at good price compared to tower line.

Thanks, probably going to go for rider this season then if i still have enough. I claimed volt and half of orrey already.

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