Trading post analysis - Frozen Chaos week 12

Building, assault, super sigils, it would be all too easy to miss out on old Reggie opening his stall once more. Let’s see if he upped his game a bit to compete with the smorgasbord of delectable options we have this week. The start is not promising unfortunately…

Day 5 analysis

  • Egg tokens x3000 for Mystic fragment x15 (5x) Comes down to 200 tokens per fragment. At end game, a mystic fragment will cover 180 fragments (and give 400 event points), so this is a solid deal to change fragments for something more flexible, unless you really need the event points.
  • 24hr timers x6 for 200 sigils ( 10x ) Very stingy on the timers this time. 6 days for 200 sigils compares poorly to the 30 days for 500 sigils we usually get, and it’s only 60 days total instead of 450. Only consider this if really desperate for timers.
  • Silver chests x5 and Rune Dust x700k for 500 sigils Trash. The silvers are worth pretty much nothing and the rune dust is four times the price of what it is in limited lines. Avoid.
  • 10k wind crafting shards for 12k dark earth shards (30x) Same as yesterday but with different elements.
  • Abyssal egg for 1000 sigils These cost 12500 to make, so the value is similar to the empyrean egg from yesterday. Not amazing, but also not terrible.

Day 4 analysis

  • Platinum chests x5 for 700 sigils (10x ) About 3k rubies worth of sigils to get 6k rubies in plats. More expensive than last time again, but still beats the festive draconics.
  • Hammers x50 for 5000 black pearls (10x) Interesting, going by day 2 prices this is just 125 sigils worth of hammers. If you are drowning in pearls and need hammers it’s probably still worth it, but 1 sigil per 40 pearls does seem pretty harsh, considering they cost about 30 times as much in season lines. Get only if really low on hammers I feel, otherwise hope for a slightly less low value offer for pearls.
  • 10k wind crafting shards for 12k dark earth shards (30x) Same as yesterday but with different elements.
  • Empyrean egg for 500 sigils (5x) This one is actually reasonable, if not amazing. These are ~5800 tokens to make, and 5800 tokens for 500 sigils is an ok price.
  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils (10x) Can’t think of a reason not to get these, they’ll pay for themselves when spent on super sigils, and then some, on average.

Day 3 analysis

  • 10 cosmic charges for 1500 sigils ( 1x ) A reasonable price, considering they take the spot of ~5000 electrum normally. If you’re short on these it’s worth getting because they are pretty limited. If you have plenty there’s no reason to go for them.
  • 800 electrum bars for 1 cosmic charge (5x) Very good offer, especially combined with the first one. As a percentage of a tower level, 800 electrum is worth more than a cosmic charge. If you’re not using charges much definitely go for this. Also love that it’s an actual trade.
  • +200% XP boost x10 and XP potions x10 for 120 sigils Well I guess they can’t all be great. Pass.
  • 10k dark crafting shards for 12k ice earth shards (30x) Same as yesterday but with different elements.
  • Vanguard egg for 300 sigils Nah, these are under 2k tokens to make. Skip.

Day 2 analysis

  • 50 chisels for 250 sigils ( 10x ) Decent price but nothing too special. If you need chisels it’s fine to get.
  • 500 embers for 400 pearls ( 10x ) Tiny amounts but always nice to have an actual trade, worth it for anyone not starving for pearls, which should be almost anyone.
  • 10k earth crafting shards for 12k ice crafting shards (30x) Same as yesterday but with different elements. Appreciate the larger amounts.
  • Gold chests x5 for 300 sigils (5x) About 1200 rubies worth* of sigils to get 2000 rubies in golds. Very good deal, slightly better than the draconics.
  • Harbinger egg for 300 sigils (5x) Nope

Day 1 analysis

  • Inner fire x50 and Dragon attack x1000 for 500 sigils ( 1x ) Slightly cheaper than the normal inners-and-dragon-attack offer, but not enough to make it interesting. Pass.
  • Hammer x100 for 250 sigils (20x) With super sigil chests this comes down to 10 rubies per hammer. That easily beats buying them in forge packs by a large margin. I guess this one depends on how badly you want/need hammers.
  • 12h timer x5 and 3h timer x20 for 250 sigils (10x) 5 days of timers for 250 sigils is very poor value, much worse than earlier trading posts, and nearly twice as expensive as the “ok” nodes in limited lines. Pass.
  • 10k ice crafting shards for 12k fire crafting shards (30x) Basic element conversion, but the amounts and purchase limit look a little better. However the cost markup has slowly crept up from it’s initial 10% to it’s current 20%, so it’s not amazing.
  • Obsidian eggs x1 for 250 sigils (5x) Lol no.

Why. Why waste everyone’s time with this hot garbage. Thanks for the post as always!


I thought you were talking about Morr’s analysis for a split sec :rofl: i was like wtf


:joy: for a second there I was mortified too :joy:


Day one was terrible

How to know the TP is bad:
I didn’t need Morreion’s analysis. It was that bad :rofl:


Love the analysis and agree what a load of Sh1te for day 1

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Slightly belated day 2 up. Definitely beats day 1.


I’m glad day one was crap because I didn’t even notice the trading post lol!

Thanks again for your punctual analysis Morr :hugs:

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Day 3 is up, with an actual resource trade in it.


It’s been a whole 4 minutes, where’s the analysis, slacker!? :rofl:


Yes no no no yes. There ya go :rofl:

Is the Last one a yes ?

Plats seem high, they keep increasing the cost per claim without increasing the number we get.

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Looks like they were 600 sigils last event, so yeah more inflation.

And last season they were 525 sigils and in the summer they were 500 sigils. It’s getting old

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Day 4 up, I blame fort and people disturbing my slumber in atlas for lateness :grin:


Platinum Chests have 10x Purchase Limit :slight_smile:
Thank you for putting these up!


Day 5 up, decent fragment exchange, lousy timers.