Trading post analysis - Frozen Chaos week 8

It’s that time again! Good old Reg dodged the lumbering projectiles from various Oculus towers to bring us some as-good-as-new treats that fell off the back of a dragon, at a very special price for you my friend.

Well let’s scrutinize his deals, and see if they’re really all that special.

Day 5 analysis

  • Egg tokens x2250 for Mystic fragment x15 (5x) Comes down to 150 tokens per fragment. At end game, a mystic fragment will cover 180 fragments (and give 400 event points), so in that sense it’s not a great deal. At lower levels before abyssal tier, however, fragments are barely worth anything and it could be a good deal. Also for people with a lot of fragments, there’s a limit on how many you can actually use with only 8 dragons a year, so for those people it’s worth getting too, even if 5x won’t really dent the stash for those people.
  • Elemental embers x200 for 250 black pearls ( 10x ) Definitely worth it for anyone but very early game players. If your perch is level 31 or higher already, go grab this deal. Too bad we’re back to small quantities again, but at least it’s an actual trade.
  • Inner fire x20 and Dragon attack x400 for 250 sigils ( 5x ) Looking at the inners alone, these are expensive. And while there are a ton of dragon boosts in there I don’t think a lot of people actually need those. Not really worth in unless you really need the boosts too.
  • Healing potions x100 for 50 sigils ( 10x ) Very fair price. A lot of people will have plenty of these but if you don’t this is a much cheaper way to get them than any others available.
  • Rune dust x 350k for 100 sigils ( 20x ) Pretty expensive, most times in lines you get at least 500k dust for the same sigils. I’d skip this one unless really desperate for dust.

Day 4 analysis

  • Platinum chests x3 for 360 sigils ( 8x ) About 1500 rubies worth of sigils to get 3600 rubies in plats. Same as the last trading post, still a must have, beats the festive draconics.
  • Defensive gunpowder x100 for 150 sigils (20x) Does anyone really need these?
  • 48hr timers x15 for 500 sigils ( 15x ) Classic, with the same cost as last time. 30 days for the price of 5-6 gold chests is worth getting. Pity we only get 15 this time.
  • Dark crafting shards 4750 for 5.5k earth shards ( 25x ) Standard element trade.
  • Obsidian Egg for 500 sigils (7x) :man_facepalming: no. Just no.

Day 3 analysis

  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 5000 ice turret shards (5x) Still pretty terrible, much better to use those shards for merging.
  • Defense Hammer x25 for 275k rune dust ( 5x ) Whether or not this is interesting depends a lot on your stockpile of both hammers and rune dust, but the general value exchange seems pretty reasonable even if it’s 10% more expensive than last time. Worth looking at if you’re low on hammers a lot and have plenty dust.
  • Harbinger egg for 600 sigils (5x) This one was crazy overpriced before at 500 sigils, considering it’s pretty cheap to breed now. So Reginald did the only sensible thing and upped the cost by 20%. Avoid like the plague.
  • Rubies x1000 for 250 sigils ( 10x ) Not really worth it. 1000 rubies will buy about 250 sigils in super sigil chests, so this is just a reverse of the same transaction.
  • 50 chisels for 250 sigils ( 5x ) Decent price but nothing too special. If you need chisels it’s fine to get.

Day 2 analysis

  • Gold chests x5 for 250 sigils (5x) About 1000 rubies worth of sigils to get 2000 rubies in golds. Absolutely a must have, beats the festive draconics.
  • 3h timers x5 for 650 fire shards (5x) Good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Note that using shards for resource transformation merges does get you more hours for the same shards, but since actual timers are much more broadly usable I still feel these are worth getting, even with another peculiar 25 shard price hike.
  • Lumber pack x10 for 50 sigils ( 20x ) Never going to be good value in absolutes, since lumber is free, but if you like to whale your fort event without any worry about hunting lumber these are cheap.
  • Inner fire x8 for 100 sigils (20x) About 5 golds worth of inners, and the ruby cost of about 1 gold chest. Considering inners are a pretty small part of the value of a gold chests this seems too expensive to me. Would pass on this one.
  • Emerald egg for 350 sigils (7x) These are just 1552 tokens to make, and 1552 tokens for 350 sigils is pretty terrible. Pass.

Day 1 analysis

  • 12h timers x20 for 200 sigils ( 7x ) Better offer than last time. Not a must have but decent value if you need timers.
  • +200% XP boost x10 and XP potion x10 for 120 sigils ( 20x ) These were meh at 50 sigils, bad at 80, now it’s a downright terrible offer. Skip.
  • Fire crafting shards x10k for 11.5k wind shards (15x) Standard element trade, same elements as last season too, only slightly more expensive.
  • Food pack x20 for 100 sigils (20x) They were 70 sigils last time. Do you need these? No of course not, food can be farmed for free. They are very convenient to have around, but might just wait and see if the price drops again next time.
  • Mystic fragments x10 for 250 sigils (5x) These are still borderline useless, between the discounts on lower tiers and the very limited use at end tier I can’t really recommend getting this. More expensive than last time round as well.

For the 12h timers, I can only buy 7 instead of 10.

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You’re correct, I just checked too. Timers are 70 days total, not a really exciting deal, hopefully better tomorrow but it looks like real world price inflation is affecting War Dragons…


Fixed, thanks

Didnt these gold chest deals used to have significantly higher caps and offer more? Reginald is getting to be such a cheapskate


Day 2 updated


Last time the cap was 8 instead of 5, but the price was the same.


yes but didnt it used to be higher than that several seasons ago? I seem to remember being about to claim like 30-50 platinum and around 60 or so gold chests from these deals. Seems like Reg is getting really singy with his limits per customer

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Well all my old posts are linked on Neon if you feel like checking. There has been a lot of variation really, both better and worse deals. But we can’t buy those now so I generally try to evaluate them in the context of what’s available now.


Much appreciated, as always.

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Day 3 is up. But not really worth getting up for.


Even if zero sum gain on the rubies to sigils, got them due to getting a second 5k during week 13 with either 5k or 10k rubies to spare. Twice would have come up short if not getting the rubies from the Trading Post. Would hate to come up short by not getting them this time.

As far as I’m concerned, will give me two more opportunities for the 5k. That is what I’m purchasing.


PG should read their own forums more. Ridiculous that they are so crooked the community needs help deciphering which deals are actually worth our hard earned resources. One more reason I’m giving this game up.

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Also thank you very much for helping people avoid PGs rip offs!

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Resource management of the core event cycle is now producing burden of play……
Resource management and spreadsheeting is not a war game :man_shrugging:

And as helpful as analysis is when trying to determine the value of our many many resources we truly shouldn’t need a economist and spread sheets to determine the value of our resources and we would not want to trade them at the general store because if the game utilized effective prize claim flexibility throughout prizing.

Yes I called the trading post what it actually is which is a general store that mainly uses sigils!

Which tells you that the only viable currency is what Reggie wants the most which is sigils because of that mandatory event cycle and our time being worthless!

The lack of activity based resources from attacking :point_left: produces a demand to maintain the resource management loop that drives the core event cycle and is used to determine league rank.

The addition of multiple currencies to try and curb the power creep escalating content produces has created a faltering economy that is overly complex and deters spending by devaluation and dilution of resources.

Yes it’s easily fixed by streamlining it and reducing the number of needed currencies overall and adding prize claim flexibility and removal of our complete dependency on the antiquated core event cycle for the bulk of our needed resources!



Who ever makes this calculations, should read a bit more what the players think of it. And this analysis probably will help.

I have to tell you, who ever made it, did it even worse!
For what should i get 5000 rubies for 1250 sigil ?
You know, i get less from the best deal of this game , the supersigilchests !!!

Really not only that, some more deals are very bad, specially for research eggs, shards vs clocks and more…

Thats why, please tell the people responsible for that, that they first need to know what this Game is about. Too often it looks like, they really arent into it.
That “special deals” are very often really bad.


Those can be called special because those are especially bad, though… :rofl:


I’m not sure the reason why they are ramping up the prices but I would guess they are testing how much the player base would spend for these resources, how far they can stretch the greed until players give up spending resources for other items.

I don’t know how big or small the margin for players is personally, I trust Morr to give us these insights. However PG should know there’s a limit to how much they can get from the trading post.

It’s still working for both sides for now but the trading post is a luxury and sometimes a gamble (with Platinum or Draconic chests) so one day I will just focus on hoarding my stash of sigils like a true Firedrake and hiss at such pathetic daily attempts of a deal (day 3).


Even still ramping up the price is a sign …

I am grateful for the ramp up . . . makes it easier to pass and not make poor choices, such as buying the packs.