Trading post analysis - Strangelands week 12

I am starting to believe that sly devil Reginald has gotten hold of my vacation schedule somehow, to try and sneak some dodgy deals under the radar while I’m enjoying some remote sunny beach.

Well he’s not going to get away with that so easily, so from a sunny coastal town I bring you more analysis.

Day 5 analysis

  • Platinum chests x5 for 600 sigils ( 5x ) About 2500 rubies worth of sigils to get 6000 rubies in plats. Not as generous as the last trading post, but still a must have, beats the festive draconics.
  • 48hr timers x15 for 500 sigils ( 20x ) Also a slight price increase compared to last time, but still very good value, and there are more of them too. 30 days for the price of 5-6 gold chests is worth getting.
  • +200% XP boost x10 and XP potion x10 for 80 sigils ( 20x ) These weren’t very interesting for 50 sigils, now they’ve gone up to 80 I’d just pass.
  • Inner fire x20 and Dragon attack x400 for 250 sigils ( 5x ) Looking at the inners alone, these are expensive. And while there are a ton of dragon boosts in there I don’t think a lot of people actually need those. Not really worth in unless you really need the boosts too.
  • Wind crafting shards 4750 for 5.5k dark shards ( 25x ) Standard element trade (it’s wind shards despite the dark shard icon).
Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Mythic Lightning Resist Glyph for 1500 sigils (1x) Oh nice, a brand new glyph. Pity it’s an utterly worthless one. Skip.
  • Defensive Gunpowder x100 for 150 sigils ( 20x ) Same cost as last time. It’s very cheap compared to buying in the forge, but I still don’t think I’ve ever met anyone running low on these.
  • Defense Hammer x25 for 275k rune dust ( 5x ) Got 10% more expensive than last time. Whether or not this is interesting depends a lot on your stockpile of both hammers and rune dust, but the general value exchange seems pretty reasonable, it’s about 45 sigils worth of dust. Probably worth looking at if you’re low on hammers a lot.
  • Energy packs x15 and 30% dragon hp boosts x300 for 200 sigils ( 5x ) Slightly cheaper than last time, but still not really worth it for the energy, only if you need the dragon boosts somehow.
  • Fire crafting shards x10k for 11.5k wind shards ( 15x ) Standard element trade, and weirdly for the same element as last time.
Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • 12h timers x15 for 200 sigils ( 10x ) This is a pretty weak offer compared to earlier trading posts (20x for 175). It is not completely terrible value, if you want more timers and have a ton of sigils/rubies, but it’s also not awesome. The repeatable timers at the end of the rider line are a significantly better deal. I’d pass unless you’re really sick of having all these sigils.
  • Lumber pack x12 for 50 sigils ( 20x ) Never going to be good value in absolutes, since lumber is free, but if you like to whale your fort event without any worry about hunting lumber these are cheap, and old Reg has a good mood and tossed in a few extra packs.
  • Elemental embers x350 for 600 black pearls ( 10x ) Definitely worth it for anyone but very early game players. If your perch is level 31 or higher already, go grab this deal. Slightly more pearls per ember than last time, but also bigger quantities which is awesome. Let’s hope these deals are like sand people, and will soon return in bigger numbers.
  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils ( 10x ) 10k rubies will, on average, get you 2500 sigils, and you would have to be extremely unlucky to make a loss on this. So I’d say a must grab for anyone.
  • 60 chisels for 250 sigils ( 5x ) This is a very good price, more chisels as last time, making it cheaper than the exotic rune lines. Worth it if you need any chisels.
Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Gold chests x5 for 250 sigils (8x) About 1000 rubies worth of sigils to get 2000 rubies in golds. Absolutely a must have, beats the festive draconics.
  • 3h timers x5 for 625 fire shards (5x) Good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Note that using shards for resource transformation merges does get you more hours for the same shards, but since actual timers are much more broadly usable I still feel these are worth getting, even with the peculiar 25 shard price hike.
  • Healing potions x100 for 50 sigils (5x) Very fair price. A lot of people will have plenty of these but if you don’t this is a much cheaper way to get them than any others available.
  • Inner fire x8 for 100 sigils (20x) About 5 golds worth of inners, and the ruby cost of about 1 gold chest. Considering inners are a pretty small part of the value of a gold chests this seems too expensive to me. Would pass on this one.
  • Harbinger egg for 500 sigils (5x) Quit pushing discount eggs at premium prices already Reg, nobody is buying these.
Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Legendary Red Archmage HP Glyph for 400 sigils (1x) A new glyph, this one specifically. For the price I would pick this up, no idea if and when more archmage glyphs will appear, even if it’s just a legendary.
  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 5000 ice turret shards (5x) Still pretty terrible, much better to use those shards for merging.
  • Food pack x20 for 70 sigils (20x) These have become cheaper (was 50 sigils for 10 before). Do you need these? No of course not, food can be farmed for free. But they are very convenient to have around, at a pretty low cost for the comfort. Nice to have.
  • Mystic fragments x25 for 500 sigils (10x) These are problematic. The price is not too bad compared to the token value near end game. But unfortunately with the new evolving mythics it’s pretty hard to actually find places where you can use mystic fragments effectively. And at lower levels they are still useful but they replace a much smaller number of egg tokens. Altogether I wouldn’t buy these, they’re either not valuable enough or too hard to use.
  • Rune dust x 350k for 100 sigils ( 20x ) Pretty expensive, most times in lines and trading posts you get at least 500k dust for the same sigils. I’d skip this one unless really desperate for dust.



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Thanks as always


Thanks as always! I was a pass on all but I trust your analysis more than mine!! I appreciate all the effort you put into this for us.


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Thats not accurate. Its 3% red and 2% blue.


Thanks, corrected it. I didn’t level it last night and just assumed that with the same starting numbers it would have the same progression as regular mage glyphs. Wrongly so it seems.



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Day two offers have been up for a whole minute, where’s Morreion at? :triumph:


Morrien with the sneaky update. Honestly had no idea it had gone up with out a new msg here :rofl:


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Timers, chisels, rubies, wood :rofl: and embers.

Well grabbed the low amount of embers. And I am to tired for the maths, but I beleive the rubies are good. Can’t remember morriens previous reports on the other stuff.

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Update is out you grumpy bunch of ungrateful whiners :grin:


Hey Reg, if I could just make one suggestion…


That would be good though :laughing:

Well he doubled the amount from last time… Just hoping he’ll keep doubling it every trading post


60 chisels

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It would be nice to get rid of these dragon shards from the draconic chests sometime😂