Trading post analysis - Unchained week 6

Spring is in the air, and Reginald got into his third midlife crisis, bought a red convertible dragon, and raced off to the Spinal Peaks to get us a trading post extra early in the season. Let’s see if the goods he managed to grab are up to snuff.

Day 5 analysis

  • 10 cosmic charges for 1500 sigils (10x) A reasonable price, considering they take the spot of ~5000 electrum normally. If you’re short on these it’s worth getting because they are pretty limited. If you have plenty there’s no reason to go for them.
  • Hammers x50 for 5000 black pearls (15x) Going by day 3 prices this is just 125 sigils worth of hammers. If you are drowning in pearls and need hammers it’s probably still worth it, but 1 sigil per 40 pearls does seem pretty harsh, considering they cost about 30 times as much in season lines. Get only if really low on hammers I feel, otherwise hope for a slightly less low value offer for pearls.
  • 12h timers x15 for 180 sigils (10x) 20% more expensive than last time we had these, and that was already so-so. I think these are a bit overpriced, only get if you’re really really short on timers.
  • Fire crafting shards x10k for 12k wind crafting shards (30x) The new standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Gold chests x5 for 300 sigils (5x) About 1200 rubies worth of sigils to get 2000 rubies in golds. Good deal, slightly better than draconics in the festive line.

Day 4 analysis

  • Egg tokens x3000 for Mystic fragment x15 (25x) Comes down to 200 tokens per fragment. At end game, a mystic fragment will cover 180 fragments (and give 400 event points), so this is a solid deal to change fragments for something more flexible, unless you really need the event points.
  • Wind crafting shards x10k for 12k dark crafting shards (30x) The new standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Healing potions x100 for 50 sigils (10x) Very fair price. A lot of people will have plenty of these but if you don’t this is a much cheaper way to get them than any others available.
  • Egg tokens x4600 for 5 gold chests (10x) Interesting. When opened in breed, 5 golds will give about 1400 tokens (and pretty meh other drops), in pvp the other drops are better but you get only 900 tokens average. So if tokens are what you mostly need, 4600 is a healthy step up for that, and in my opinion is about equal or slightly better value than the normal drops from gold chests. Not so amazing that it’s a must have, but if tokens are your primary need, this is a good value trade.
  • XP potions x15 for 50 sigils (20x) These are a bit like the wood and food pack offers. Yes xp is pretty easy to grind for free, and you can get these for free from dragon quests too, so it’s never really good value to buy them. But if you can’t be bothered with grinding or quests, these are cheap enough to just remove the whole leveling worry for a fair bit of time. Fair whaling option.

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary Glyph of Rage for 500 sigils Quite usable glyph if you fly warriors, and 500 sigils seems like a reasonable price.
  • Hammer x100 for 250 sigils ( 20x ) With super sigil chests this comes down to 10 rubies per hammer. That easily beats buying them in forge packs by a large margin. I guess this one depends on how badly you want/need hammers.
  • 3h timers x5 for 650 fire shards (5x) Good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Note that using shards for resource transformation merges does get you more hours for the same shards, but since actual timers are much more broadly usable I still feel these are worth getting.
  • Dark crafting shards x10k for 12k earth crafting shards (30x) The new standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Platinum chests x5 for 700 sigils ( 10x ) About 3k rubies worth of sigils to get 6k rubies in plats, same as last time. Worth getting.

Day 2 analysis

  • Electrum Bars x700 for 1 cosmic charge (10x) Not quite as good as last time, but still a solid offer. As a percentage of a tower level, 700 electrum is worth more than a cosmic charge. If you’re not using charges much this is worth going for.
  • Elemental Embers x9000 for 2 platinum chests (10x) Seems like Reg likes collecting chests this week. But this one is a lot better value than the last. The average embers from 2 plat chests are around 1300, so 9000 is a decent step up. And of course plats have more stuff in them, but the total value is still not really close to 9k embers. If you have the chests, and aren’t drowning in embers already, I’d get this.
  • Elemental Embers x500 for 400 black pearls (15x) Yes please!
  • Earth crafting shards x10k for 12k ice crafting shards (30x) The new standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Inner fire x10 for 100 sigils (20x) Not great value, 20 inners would have been closer to a nice deal. But if you really need inners and have sigils to spare I guess you could consider it.

Day 1 analysis

  • Mythic Glyph of Dragon Attack for 2000 sigils Very mediocre glyph, the resist is useless so using a +8% glyph from an old legendary dragon seems a lot more useful than having this +5% one. And a lot cheaper too.
  • Ice crafting shards x10k for 12k fire crafting shards (30x) The new standard for shard trades, fine if you need it.
  • Sigils x125 for 1 draconic chest (5x) No I did not write that the wrong way around. This is basically what you pay for the draconics in the festive line. And considering buying them at that cost is a pretty good deal, it quite logically follows that selling them at that cost is a bad one.
  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils (15x) Very decent value compared to exotic lines. Use these to recycle an old dragon glyph instead of getting the expensive one Reg is offering.
  • Rune dust x350k for 100 sigils (20x) Pretty expensive, most times in lines you get at least 500k dust for the same sigils. I’d skip this one unless really desperate for dust.

About time! :grin:

Tater Tot alarms activated


Thank you!


Shame about the glyph. :pensive:

But thank you for the analysis as always.

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Thanks for this as always.

So lame they build up our excitement and then shattered it with the glyph.


As soon as I saw that (the advertised rage/warrior atk glyph) in the post, I came on to the forums to see your reaction to actually being heard … then … the above.


My brain can’t compute the wording and is confused :sparkles::dizzy::sparkles:… Should I take the Draconics or should I not?

I thought it looked like a good deal for a few extra chests without the need of spending 19k sigils or so just to access it.

Edit: nevermind, you give chests and get sigils. Brain restarted lol


It was pretty weird trade arrangement :smiley:

Kudos that they tried something different in the shop but I can’t think of a single scenario someone takes this trade.

They should complete the meme and give this guy lightning resistance so we can use the glyph


*****:point_up_2:thats hilarious!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: well done well done!!!
Seems to me as a business owner if Reginald was a lucrative and proficient trader he would return from his travels from far and wide with unbelievable deals from regions where items can be acquired more cheaply……

Is it me or does he just seem incompetent as a trader ….….?
Ok well I wouldn’t let him do any investing for me…… I will put it that way :rofl::+1:

Everything he offers can be had at the current market value if not worse….
And not only does he not operate a effective or viable trading post…… but he can’t even effectively trade goods well enough to offer his customers a actual deal……:man_shrugging:


This game trains us to be meticulous in real life and never to commit into something without checking. :rofl: Well, most people along the way will get into trouble like this at least once so yes, it is a lesson for all of us and maybe Reginald should be renamed to Con Artist or Swindler because quite a number of items he offered really make the trading post look like a black market.

Well, he’s a noble so he probably feels we lowly peasant folk should just be honored to be allowed in his shop and should be grateful for whatever bread crumbs he is generous enough to throw our way :joy: :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:


I have an honest question… I apologize in advance if it’s stupid. I agree that for most the drac/sigil trade is not good, but could it be good for someone whose only interest in the Drac chests is to get sigils?

If I understand correctly, there is a 70% chance of getting an Epic drop from a Drac chest. There are 7 different Epic drops, with only 1 of them being sigils. That 1 drop is 100 sigils. So you have a 10% chance of getting 100 sigils. There is of course a Legendary and a Mythic sigil drop as well, but the chances for those are much much lower. Overall, you have about a 12.6% chance of opening a Drac and getting a sigil reward with the most likely one being only 100 sigils.

Based off this, if your sole purpose of buying and opening Drac chests is to get sigils, wouldn’t this be a good deal because you have a 100% chance of getting 125 sigils each open?

If this is your sole purpose for drac chests, you should not have bought drac chests in the first place. Pretty much the only way to get them is buying them for the same amount.

But yes, the average drop per chest is ~25 sigils, so if that’s all you want this is definitely giving more.


Day 2 up. Respect to Reginald for actually having 4/5 offers being real trades and not sigil buys.


Can Reginald show a desire for some silver chests? I’d gladly dump those for some sigils or embers


I’d rather be stingy with my chests cause Reginald seems pretty desperate for chests.

I’m starting to think Reggy’s company is insolvent or he had one too many magic mushrooms in the swamp.


Its a step in the right direction!

Black pearls is a good trade but the quantity is too small to be useful.

Crafting shards is much better in terms of quantities than it used to be.

I would like to see more options with non premium currencies so people can trade in excess items for useful items.

I used to think this, but I’m hoarding silvers now for a legendary lightning striker. I also still need a mythic hunter ammo rune.


I’ve got like 5 of those and dont even use hunters :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately because there is little diversity in the silver chests you’ll get to a point where you have multiple of anything useful out of them and opening silvers loses most of its appeal.
It would be nice if we saw the silvers updated with more variation from event to event, with glyphs added in and more unique runes than just hunter ammo. Perhaps some runes and glyphs for more modern towers like Pylons and archmages.

As they are, I have no motivation to open silvers so they just pile up and are useless.