Trading Post Grand Opening - Official Discussion Thread

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Weirdly enough, despite all the continuous issues, the only reason I still play this game is Atlas.

And that’s from someone who said the only reason they wanted atlas was for the gear.

At least not since they bought the game from BitPig.

I wasn’t proposing the idea, just saying the name doesn’t fit the feature too well.

Day two offerings analyzed:

  • 20x mystic fragments for 1000 sigils. 250% more expensive than the mystery branch, and that one was just ok. Avoid.

  • 10x 12h timers for 140 sigils. Not amazing, but also not terrible. Basically ~3k rubies worth of sigils gets you 25 days of timers, which is about three times the amount you’d get from buying gold chests. Fair option if you need timers more than other things.

  • XP boosts and xp potions At least the potions give decent xp now, but I would still never spend valuable sigils on something a few days of dragon quests or a few invader runs would get you for free.

  • Silver chests Never pay for silver chests, they’re just too bad for that.

  • Legendary Sorcerer HP rune for 200 sigils. Not a very good rune, but if for some reason you do want it, the price is fair enough, same as mystery lines before.


As probably many here I first thought „Wow finally a trading option“ but then realized that it is only a very expensive way to loose hard earned sigils. The second day became even worse… (like the XP portions which you get meanwhile through that new dragon thingy).
I know, that there was once a beta trading option which didn’t work right :joy:. But wouldn‘t it be a good idea to really have one working? Exchange stuff you don‘t need into other, not rubies or sigils and not 1:1 ä but i.e. like pearls change into rune dust or so. And I think it won‘t be a less win for PG because once the stuff got exchanged there will be some demand for other things players try to get through spending sigils then.
Right now there is much dead material in the inventory.

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I think people haven’t brought up the packs being overpriced before or offering too little for the value, etc., because it’s a conversation that has been had many times over the years. The answer has been “we hear you and are working on it” but nothing ever changed except some people getting different pack offers, and once or twice a big kerfuffle because a few people got REALLY good offers that weren’t offered to everyone, and it felt incredibly unfair. So I guess we just all take it as assumed that y’all know that we think that the packs are not enough for what we are spending, especially at the higher levels when SO much more RSS is needed to stay at end game, and nothing will change about them.

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I believe the salvage shop has been tried and was hacked so badly pg
had to pull the feature because it could not be secured !

If I remember correctly! :thinking:

So while an ideal solution it seems to be one that can’t be implemented!

The under or over abundance of any one consumables is a imbalance in our economy due to a lack of diversity in prize claiming!
Removal of any item from a drop reduces diversity and is how we keep ending up with these imbalances!

Above is an image of where that diversity can be better!!
So instead of 3 options there needs to be many !

Same with packs and chests they lack diversity and flexibility!

To stay on topic Reginalds store has crap selection!
I simply won’t be shopping there ! :rofl:


Thanks for confirming the stank.

For anyone interested the fragments are very expensive.

1,000 sigils = 28.29 fragments is the going rate.

The trading hut wants a 40% premium.


Do you mean the salvage shop a few years ago that only came out in beta testing?

Yes wasn’t sure why it never went live and can only assume it was compromised somehow.
Or it actually worked to well ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It probably worked too well. Take my 26k heal pots and turn half into death gaze at no cost to the player. PG: Wait… Wut!!!

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nah, it’s b/c that’s we, murikans, stupidly think we can understand the opposite side’s view point. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

skip the jokes, skip the i totally understand part.

just tell them what is being done if you are allowed to say it.

if you’re NOT allowed, then don’t say anything.

best to avoid the heat, bud. this aint your sh1t to eat.

there was an entire thread about this topic not too long ago


I understand this one, I get that support can’t directly fix much and can only pass info along, but it seems many players want a bit more out out of them. I see that side at times as well, as sometimes support responses don’t remotely match what the ticket asked. We have bigger fish to fry.

Atlas has been broken to varying degrees of bad for quite some time now. I had atlas since Apr '19, and from experience, I can tell you that the problems changed a lot and continue change constantly (with some issue remaining the same), however they seem to consistently add up to a worse sum with each update. I find it baffling with a game this size, nothing ever fully works.

This is most clearly not been an equation PG seems to follow.

Oh really, like the time you guys tried to push out 4.8 update. Google sent it back because it was too large. Then after reviewing the update, it was pushed back because it was found that it would create more problems than it would resolve.

You guys pushed out an untested update, only to discover it was horrible after being forced to review it. See screenshot below.

For context, this was some 24 hours after the update was attempted to be pushed out.

Stuff like this really show that its the same problem every time: no quality testing.

This really shines when updates do things like limit the input on the screen to one finger, making flying hunters impossible, and other classes hard. If the update was tested in any capaicity, stuff like this wouldn’t happen. The obvious problem would found and solved before the update was pushed out.

Fair point, you weren’t doing nothing, you were making it worse. Even if the changes were executed perfectly, it would make KW worse. You guys ignored years worth of input on many threads of well put together ideas, and put out changes most people hated at a baseline. Then the execution was botched, and we all know what ensued.

Yes, Indeed. With each update they get worse. Some are fixed, then they seem multiply 3 fold. By now there are so many, it just makes you wonder.

We got a left hand mode after 4 YEARS of begging, even when setting your language to Arabic inverted the controls (making a decent left hand mode, if you want system messages to be in a different language). Everything else related to fixing and improving the game moves at a proportional rate.

Credit were it’s due, yes XP potions are scaled as of a few days ago. Most consumables are not. The player base have put together many movements to try to bring this to your attention, but they are met with silence or a heavy “No”. See going on strike for scaling and PG can we talk The price of everything in this game rises relentlessly while the consumables and currencies stay the same. A $99 pack with 30k tokens would get you several dragons at early tiers, but at endgame 10 of those packs will hardly get you one.

The “living expenses” go up, the “income” doesn’t. It needs to stop at some point. Release content at a flat endgame tier, then use tier based discounting to make cost increase as you move up levels.

If grocery prices go up to costing six figures and you still make $20 an hour, your in trouble. You can’t survive. That’s exactly were this game’s economy is headed.

See above

Off topic: I went through some old topics drafting this. I saddened me a bit seeing everyone we’ve lost, and just how the game and community have fallen.


Many thanks for the analysis and sharing it. Means I don’t have to carry out what you did.

Appreciate it.

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I want it here so its not over looked.
Good read @PGGalileo


The issue with this is that there are staff changes, and from my perspective they seem fairly significant, so much of the continuity that we might expect isn’t there. Best to approach this as a clean slate and bring up issues in priority I’d think.

Past road maps might contain some of the information that new employees can look at but may not be detailed or impartial in a way that gives the new staff a full understanding of every discussion that went before. That is why a players group is so important and if utilized properly can bring newer staff up to speed in a way sifting through the forums or going through old road maps wouldn’t.