Trading Post Grand Opening - Official Discussion Thread

  1. Trading Post prices are too high.
  2. Trading Post prices being too high causes me not to want to engage with this new feature.
  3. If you want players like me to engage with the new feature, lower the prices, make more valuable things available, or allow me to trade in old resources.

Thanks for organizing my thoughts PG :grinning:

What really irritated me was the increase in cost for platinum chests. If memory serves me you could get I think 15 for 1000 sigils and now you get 3 for like 700??? Was this a mistake or did someone really think that we all would aimlessly purchase these at this amount just because it was there?


The Trading Post is not really a trading post per se. It is more of a market, same as the dragon, tower, mystery lines are. You use sigils to get stuff.
What I would suggest is give a value to all consumables, i.e. bars, embers, dragon boosts, xp boosts, etc… then allow people to trade in x number of items for another item that they need. Like I have 5 ice shards I trade in for 1 ember. Or 10 dragon boosts for 5 xp boosts. That would make it more of a trading post that what it is now. This would allow players to trade in items they have in abundance for items they are low on and need. There should’nt be a daily roulette of what prizes are going to show up but rather it is fully open for length of event.
Could also tailor the Trading Post toward the event so have PVP items only in there to trade for during pvp, breeding items in there during breeding etc…
This is exactly what players on the forums and those I’ve talked to in game have been requesting for a long time and would make it a true Trading Post.


Did anyone get the legendary rage rune to see if it’s the same 7.5% max as usual? I would assume so or maybe even weaker than usual

Since there is only one legendary rage rune with xp secondary in the game files, I would say yes. It is the max 7.5% rage and 5.9% xp one.


Yes, the primary is the same 7.5% max. but secondary is XP 5.9%.

Edit: this legendary rune is the only item I bought from trading post so far.
all the rest are trash !!!


Day three analysis:

  • 35x bronze chest + 1750 rubies for 650 sigils. The rubies are worth about 400 sigils in super sigil chests, so we’re really dealing with 35x bronze for 250 sigils. And that’s a pretty crummy deal, really. Worse than the mystery line, which was already bad.

  • 100x hammers for 300 sigils. I never buy hammers, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the cheapest option is the stronghold pack in the forge, which costs 13750 rubies for 100 hammers. Compared to that, 300 sigils (~1500 rubies) is definitely a steal. Worth getting if you’re short on hammers and would even vaguely consider buying them at the forge.

  • 300x embers for 200 sigils. That’s 1k worth of rubies for less embers than 2 gold chests give, in addition to other stuff like sigils, timers etc. Absolutely worthless offer.

  • food packs lol no

  • legendary rage rune for 200 sigils. Decent rune and pretty cheap. Not a bad deal unless you already have a pile of them.


Far inferior? Why do you say that?

As long as there are good deals in the trading post or mystery line, do we really care?

Not sure why it would be considered far inferior.

I don’t like the prices so far but that doesn’t have anything to do with the trading post. I like the idea, just want to see some better items and better deals. I haven’t bought anything yet. Nothing has been worth it imo

It doesn’t seem to have brought any new bugs I’m
Aware of?

It would be neat if they would expand on this idea. Maybe make some stuff cost rubies?
Or have some deals where Reginald wants Ice/fire shards and will trade embers for them.
Just a way to be able use/trade items that some players have no use for.
Kind of like the daily shop was supposed to be.

I’m a little annoyed that we have a nested menu again :upside_down_face:
Can’t tap the different parts of the island as a shortcut to different pages either

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What about comparing with 100 x 3Hrs?
Is it still worth?

Question: is the trading post going to be present every week?

Also an event/trading post ui feedback for @PGGalileo

  1. The trading post UI (same for dungeons and assault tbh) adds at least one extra tap to get to any event screen. A tap on the event button or anywhere on the island now takes us to this chooser where we can pick the event, seasons, or trading post (or dungeons/assault when applicable)

  2. We used to be able to get to several of the event screens with a single tap. Tapping the event button or portal led directly to the battle screen. The throne to the prizes screen, the tower to the season screen, and the chest to the armory screen.

  3. I would like one-tap access to more of the things. In rough priority order, the pvp battle screen or minor event main screen, the armory, the assault or dungeon main screen, and potentially the trading post if it ever has worthwhile deals. This could be done by making the pvp island have different touch points again, or maybe by moving the trading post elsewhere.

Another slightly less good way to improve this would be to have multiple buttons on that chooser screen. It would still take two taps to get to everything instead of the old one tap, but maybe better than the current three taps for a couple of screens. I would still suggest that touching different places on the island should go to different screens.

Also there are several screens in the event ui that reliably cause the app to freeze on my android devices and have for months and I’m sad that there’s no sign or talk of a fix. I expect the app not to freeze every time I look at a temple and back out, or every time I claim prizes.


I can’t really make that comparison for people, because it depends a lot on where you are in the game and what you need. Fact is hammers don’t have any cheap alternative to get in meaningful quantities, so this offer beasts buying them with rubies handsomely. But that only means something if you were willing to pay for hammers in the first place

Personally, I won’t be buying the hammers, since I get enough for my needs from chests.

What I meant was I could forge 100 hammers with 100x3 Hrs
I value hammers a hell lot, I have close to 2k but it’s never enough

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Because this store was not stocked for you it was stocked for spenders only :rofl:
This is a one play style store sir I’m gunna have to ask you to leave! :tipping_hand_man:t3:
Is that max elite armor? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:sir mythic armor is required for admittance! :triumph:

I mean, we literally give feedback EVERY TIME you do one of these mystery/trading tiers. How many times and ways do we have to say we don’t want worthless, garbage prizes?

Constructive feedback: Give us valuable prizes and better prices than we normally see, and we will actually buy packs to buy the items. Give us mythic/exotic runes, sigil chests, rare items in exchange for whatever currency you choose, and we will spend real life money for them.

You realize though, every single time you release a pile of garbage runes/food/packs we are smart enough to calculate the prices against in game rewards that already exist to determine if they are of good value or not?

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@PGGalileo Morning bro☕️ Hope all is well. Obviously from the feedback in here the Trading post is a complete flop. I would like to ask a few questions and hopefully you can be honest with us

-Did PG consult with CF, GPF, and other factions that have actual players involved about this Trading Post?

  • If you answer yes to this then I’d like to know the factions responses. Maybe they’re the ones that need replaced if they don’t convey the game populations thoughts that this is garbage.

-Does PG take actual ideas from these factions and implement them as is? Or does PG take a great idea from these factions and throw all the goodness out and replace it with money grabbing schemes under the veil of a good idea?

How does one apply to these factions? And does PG respond well to “Real feedback”?


The TRADING POST was a resounding success what ever do you mean!?

Honesty? Hmmmm we will look into that! And present that completely foreign concept to the team!

The cf and gpf and Eb are always insulted I mean consulted !
Their responses are not available at this time!
All ideas are considered and placed directly on top of our fun sponge for consideration!
You can not apply to the cool kids group you have to be sought for membership by standing members or be nominated by pg! … cool kids only!
And real feedback is so subjective and must spend 24-48 hrs in direct contact with the fun sponge! After which it will be considered for content release!

Hope the above answers are entertaining because it’s the only answer you’ll ever receive! Lmao

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You always type with so many exclamation marks. I think you’re one of the most excited people on the forums.

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Do you always reply with non constructive comments and snarky statements?.
What does that make you?
There’s a really interesting article about the use of exclamation marks in modern posting and how it’s use has been modified to help posts and email and text have and hold more inflection where it was once indicative of lazy writing it’s now used far more commonly to convey inflection!

But thx for pointing it out !!! Lmao

Shrug. Nothing I said was against your using them or calling you lazy for using them or whatever you seem to be insinuating. Just noticing. Never thought they were anything other than inflection, so I suppose that’s a new nugget of info for me.

As for my own comments, the snark is 95% of the time very real. You should hear me in person. For what it makes me, I’ve never denied being a sarcastic butthole.

On topic, while I like the idea of the trading post, I think it’s far too overpriced for the materials being bought. I would be interested to see what the price of the things in the trading post are in the season prize line. I suppose I could check myself, but I’m feeling especially lazy. It does seem that the items being offered would be cheaper in the regular season line, though.

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Anything about today?