Trading Post Grand Opening - Official Discussion Thread

I just bought 100 inner fire cuz I’m aiming for the mythic rage :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Well, as I needed the rune dust so badly I took it as it is so hard to get it in these quantities

Mind to show the numbers?
Ok, there are 3500 rubies for 650 sigils. Supersigil chests cost 5000 rubies, so, scaling the numbers, you are buying 5000 for 928 sigils.

When you open supersigil chests, you have higher AVEGAGE drop, like 1100 or so, but it is NOT guaranteed - you need to open quite a few chests to ensure the average. From 10 supersigils you could get 800+ or so, and you could get such drop repeatedly several times, not once. So buying rubies for sigils could be worse, if you are expecting to get more sigils from those rubies. Therefore I wrote “nearly the same”. Might be worth to take if you are planning to open a lot during last two weeks, but difference is not that much to make it a good deal, considering “gambling” part - when the deal becomes good if you lucky.

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But what if you are getting the rubies to purchase gold chests for next season.

Is 44 gold chest during discount weeks worth 3250 sigils?

The value of gold chests is better compared to supersigils regarding resources for the same number of rubies, as I remember. So, yes, exchanging sigils on rubies for gold chests, not super sigils, should be a good deal.

Better late then never, day 4 analysis time!

  • 20x inner fire (plus some rubbish) for 200 sigils. Not a bad offer, 200 sigils are worth about 900 rubies, so a bit over 2 gold chests. 20x inner will take about 13 gold chests average, so that’s a decent factor if you need inners.

  • wood boosts lol no

  • 7m rune dust for 1200 sigils. This is probably the cheapest rune dust offer we’ve had. The exotic rune line gave you 4m dust for 1000 sigils, and that was already pretty good. Worth picking up if you need rune dust at all!

  • 1000 egg tokens for 350 sigils. That’s about 1600 rubies worth. Grinding 1h missions for the same rubies yields 4800 tokens. Of course grinding tokens is a lot more work, but the cost gap is a bit too big here, avoid this one.

  • 3500 rubies for 650 sigils. Slightly better than the day 1 offer. Should get a slight profit in sigils from this one, if you spend 3300 sigils for 17.5k rubies this week, then next week spend 15k rubies to get 3300 sigils back. And if you don’t need the sigils, you can save the rubies for next season too. Decent offer either way, so worth getting if you have the sigils saved up.


Thank you for the analysis! I always appreciate them :hugs:

oh, yes, yes, yes!

13 golds will give also other stuff. I had one cycle of chests opened during event (110, full 39 legendaries), and got 6 legendaries with 20 inners and 7 epic with 6 inners. So, 13 chests from 110 with pure fires. So, 20 inners is like 1 gold (=400 rubies), and 200 sigils are about 900 rubies. Of course it will take more rubies to take all that 5x20 inners, but from separate gold chesrs point of view, golds are 2 times better than deal in Trade Post. Although, since some golds give epic, just 6 inners, it is 13 fires in average, so not in 2 times, but rather 1.5 or so. But, you got purely inners on.the other hand.

I forgot and missed claiming they hammers, who got those hammers?

Of course! That’s why I generally think you need about a 5:1 ratio to gold chests to make a single item interesting, since there are generally about 5 useful things dropping from golds at the same time. And since this one is doing a bit better than 6:1 I called it decent. If it did 10:1 or better I would’ve called it very good.


Search your feelings. What do they tell you?

Alternatively, search our post history. Repost it if you can find any of us saying something like “wow this trading post is SICK, such consistently excellent deals could only be conceived through careful study of deal-making masterpiece The Art of the Deal.”


Brother, I have an honest feeling on the answer.But, Galileo has been pretty open with us so far. I’m willing to give the man a chance to respond and see what he has to say.


I don’t think I’ve seen any of the CF, GPF, or any other factions come forward on this either.

“wow this trading post is SICK, such consistently excellent deals could only be conceived through careful study of deal-making masterpiece The Art of the Deal.”

:point_up: There you go :rofl:


GPF’s been around since Feb. 2018, and people still think that everything goes through it… :see_no_evil:


we at CF knew that a function called “Trading Post” was coming but we didn’t have any other info about it.

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I figured as much :man_shrugging:There’s ZERO player INPUT here :man_facepalming: That’s painfully obvious as obvious as the number of veterans players bailing on the game!


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did you really have to ask? :thinking:

Last day analysis pls