Trading Post Grand Opening - Official Discussion Thread

GPF’s been around since Feb. 2018, and people still think that everything goes through it… :see_no_evil:


we at CF knew that a function called “Trading Post” was coming but we didn’t have any other info about it.

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I figured as much :man_shrugging:There’s ZERO player INPUT here :man_facepalming: That’s painfully obvious as obvious as the number of veterans players bailing on the game!


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did you really have to ask? :thinking:

Last day analysis pls

Day five analysis:

  • 5 gold chests for 375 sigils. That’s about 1700 rubies worth of sigils in super sigil week, so that’s a small discount over the normal price of 2000 rubies.
  • 5x 12h timers for 75 sigils is slightly worse than day 2, which was not amazing, but also not terrible. ~1700 rubies worth of sigils gets you 12.5 days of timers, which is about three times the amount you’d get from buying gold chests. Fair option if you need timers more than other things.
  • 50 chisels for 325 sigils. 30% more expensive than the mystery line or exotic rune lines were, but significantly cheaper than the repeatable chisels at the end of the last exotic rune line. If you need chisels badly you could take this one, but it’s not a bargain.
  • 40x 200% xp boost for 150 sigils. Notably cheaper than buying them in the forge. If you missed the huge pile of these last season and was thinking of buying them in the forge, this is a better offer.
  • 5x energy packs for 100 sigils. A bit expensive, about 4x what you would get from gold chests for the same ruby value, but of course the golds give tons more other stuff. I’d skip these.

So 5 days, 25 offers, not a single one worth buying…

I bought inners and rage rune:)

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I got rune dust, timers, rubies and gold chests I think


Hiyas Petey! How r ya mate?

I got the timers and rubies.

Considering PG’s screwed sense of value, I’m sure these equate to tremendous values on their books. Remember the individualized deals? Lol. That being said, not every offer given must be a true bargain (in real terms - not PG value). The ability to get specific items ppl may need at the time is a bonus. But PG should drop wasted space items that nobody purchases.


Do you even know why I asked ? :rofl:

you and i both know that they never pay attention, though. :man_shrugging:t2: so why ask? :crazy_face:

maybe i just have given up hope a little too much.

It’s sadly becoming the norm around here and we can’t blame players one bit !
Pg doesn’t listen which to some degree I understand but they also don’t value our activity and the two are a unprofitable self destructing combo !


well said. but…

pg will probably give us that “our numbers says we’re fine.” :man_facepalming:t2:

which red name was the one that said it, btw? was it the dude who’d quit?

I put all my extra sigils into pylon line… It looks like all the stuffs in the trading post could be grabbed from other ways with better price, but electrum bars cannot.
Everyone complained about pylon line? No worry, PG could get a even worse line to make the pylon line “looks better”~ :sweat_smile:

Trading post didn’t even offer any electrum!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Kinda funny brand new store doesn’t have the latest merchandise :man_shrugging:
This is like apple trying to sell me a pager! :rofl:


Problem x- it costs to much and only uses sigils like a weekly branch
solution to x is allow fire shards and ice shards and pearls to exchange at a higher rate
solution y everyone is happy lol

me i got 500k fire shards 532k ice shards 674k pearls lol would love to exchange some of this for more useful items!

So since prices exceed what im welling to spend on a full base i got alot i could always swap and use in exchange amd folks will be happy do not remove the amount of having to much im one person


F me…
Edit- To clarify I was just flabbergasted at that much hoarded resources.

Yea it is a good idea…

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what lol :stuck_out_tongue: its a idea

For me it was nice to get the rune dust that is really hard to come by - I hope they will go on with this affordable offer in the future.
Just how they named the whole thing this time was wrong - this was no real trading. But maybe they now have a clue and will present us the next time a real trading where we can get rid off stuff we won‘t need and which is safe of cheating somehow.