Trading Post Grand Opening - Official Discussion Thread

Not sure if someone messed up. But these “trades” are terrible. U thought trading post would mean.

You can trade in 1 resource for another at a set cost. For instance

Every 1000 fire shards you out in you get 300 elemental embers out.
Trade in 1000 breeding tokens for 500 gems.
Trade 1000 elemental embers and recieve 1000 breeding tokens.
Trade in a poison resist spell get 50 gems

A good way to get rid of unwanted stuff and get what you need.



After thinking about it some more - the 2 golds aren’t better, but decided to quote this rather than edit the post again for this idea:
Why not revamp the ending of mythic branches instead of this if you really want to come out with something inferior to the mystery branch? That way it’ll always be an option for people that are fully done with the season and those that want to pick up something specific alike (even if prices aren’t ideal).


Trading post more like general store! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Malik drags the xp coke machine they call dragon quests over and sets it next to front door of Reginalds STORE so he can more easily ignore them both!

Sorry both features are subpar!
And they cater to a single play style !
So epic fail on both and sadly they both had actual potential to address some real imbalance issues! :man_shrugging:
But really I didn’t expect much and I expect even less from the shuffle!
Because they aren’t listening and as they have said its not a Democracy!
So we know what that translates too! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But this would make sense, so dont make it into game.

Just for form I’ll do one of these analysis things…

  • 25x energy packs for 300 sigils. Slightly worse value than the ones in the balloon boost. It’s about 23 gold chests worth, so I guess it’s not the worst value, but I’d still recommend against using sigils on this. The added dragon boosts have no value.

  • 5x food boosts for 175 sigils. Lol no.

  • 100x chisels for 650 sigils. Only for the ones who really really need them. Mystery line charged 500 sigils for the same amount, as did the exotic rune branch. Only the repeatable chisels at the end of the rune branch were more expensive.

  • 3x platinum chests for 715 sigils. These are worth 3600 rubies if you buy them straight up, which is about what you’d pay in super sigil chests for the same sigils next week. Poor value, stay away from this one.

  • 600x rubies for 125 sigils. A sort of reverse-super-sigil chest, with about the same value. Only useful if you have way more sigils than you want.


Who do I have a sneaky feeling though that limited lines will disappear with this?


This seems very counter intuitive… PG has been putting a lot of focus on new players lately, great they see this stuff, don’t know any better, buy it and suddenly you’ve turned all these new players into disillusioned players who stop spending and move on to something else.

I really wish we’d see something that players could get behind for the long term, that would carry good value and encourage long time spending habits… this definitely doesn’t fit the bill.


God, I hope not… Limited lines have much more value - but it would also make too much sense keeping those limited lines in lieu of this, so you’re probably right


Does Pocket Gems make loans to its players?

The functionality is also nice, but it is really expansive … especially for players in the lower leagues

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Hi everyone - checking out the early feedback. What I’d like to do is remind you all of my favorite feedback structure (this helps me bring your feedback to the team in a productive and efficient way!)

Your feedback should take the form of:

  1. This is how Thing X is now.
  2. Thing X being this way causes Thing Y.
  3. To stop Thing Y from occurring, here are proposed solutions 1, 2, and 3 to help fix Thing X.

What might that look like?

  1. Trading Post prices are too high.
  2. Trading Post prices being too high causes me not to want to engage with this new feature.
  3. If you want players like me to engage with the new feature, lower the prices, make more valuable things available, or allow me to trade in old resources.

That’s just an example of what you might write.

Just a heads up, I’m not writing this to talk down to anyone or be condescending, merely telling you all the easiest and most clear way to communicate with me – it helps me get things done :muscle:


OK let me re-write;

Trading Post is useless because you can’t trade away anything of low value. Trading Post only using sigils causes me not to want to engage with this new feature. If you want players like me to engage with the new feature, allow things other than sigils to be traded, make less valuable things tradeable such as old resources and prizes I no longer need, such as fire/ice shards.


Honestly whatever any of us are going to say is just this reworded. So if possible let’s just do what you suggested :+1:




Okay, let me try this again:

This new feature is far overpriced compared to its counterpart, the mystery line branch when they both function basically identically - so I see no incentive for people to engage in this line except in rare cases where they’re either fully maxed season wise, want very specific resources that they’re willing to get them regardless of price, or they don’t know better.

Some ideas to make this better include:

  1. Scratch it and stick with the mystery branches as is.
  2. If you’d like to keep it, improve the value of the things offered, or maybe throw in some much sought after runes & glyphs (for bases and dragons) if you want to go with a high price tag.
    E.g: Howitzer runes, ammo runes, 8% dragon HP or Atk glyphs, Mythic rages
  3. Once again, if you want to offer these items at these current values, I suggest this not be a new feature, but rather a revamping of the reclaimable endings to mythic dragon lines.

When we talk about PG having a poor concept of the value of items, we’re usually talking about packs, but this is also a good example. Many items are grotesquely overpriced - whether it’s packs in the store, for cash, or in this instance, resources in the trading post, for sigils.

I genuinely don’t understand a model where anyone engaged enough to be a regular spender is also informed enough to see the poor quality of the offers. It seems like there would be far more logic in offering good value for one’s spending - be it spending money or sigils - in order to encourage further spending.

I would suggest far better exchange cost/benefit ratios, and, for the trading post in particular, other players have hit on a concept that has been floating around for a long time: Let players get rid of things they don’t want, in exchange for things they do want.

Everyone wants rubies, sigils, etc., but people would love the chance to exchange unwanted spells, resists, shards, etc., for items that they need, even at fairly steep exchange rates.


Sooooo beautifully worded! Thissss, a million times this :ok_hand:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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Thanks PG :kissing_heart: yet another confirmation that you don’t play your own game :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This is an example of non-helpful feedback :joy:


Please make sure they see my picture, too because I think it really drives the point home. :joy: