Trading post needs help

The trading post has been pretty lame for a while now. Why is it that we’re having to buy stuff with sigils - as that’s what we’re doing… we use sigils like cash to progress in the game / season.
Trading is swapping one thing for another that we don’t need for something we do… like trading pearls for elemental embers. Lately it seems almost everything requires Sigils.
Sigils are too valuable to trade for the garbage that’s been offered lately. Please stop that😠


It’s not lame, there’s plenty of good deals, I recommend looking at Morreion’s trading post analysis.

Also, I don’t think PG ever meant for the trading post to actually fully revolve around trading one non-sigil currency for another resource in the game.

Name’s a bit misleading yeah, but that doesn’t make it lame.


“garbage” is a subjective term. I dont view gold and platinum chests as garbage, nor do I view electrum bars as garbage. Not everything in the deals will be of value to you but it might be to someone else.
Also if everything was amazing then people would be whining that it was all a money grab to burn through their sigils (as if you’re forced to get anything)

I personally allow myself 10k-15k per trading post IF there’s something I want. I always go for gold chests and plat chests and usually try to hold out for good timer deals.

I would like to see more offers that utilize rss like shards and pearls of course and also higher limits on those offers. a limit of 2 is kind of a waste of everyone’s time


I feel this so deep. Haha but, they want you to spend sigils cause then you have to push/spend harder to finish all the stuff you want in your season. They are a for-profit. These answers are annoying I know but that’s the truth.

Secondly, I find it annoying as hell when people act like they don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course, plats and golds wouldn’t be trash deals. But, trading one element of atlas shards for another–while in theory, may be helpful-- the quantities are usually meh and trading one element for another feels kinda lame. “Most” people
claim their shard of choice in lieu of gear anyway, so it’s more or less maybe appealing for non-atlas people, but how many are there at this point?

I presume (and could be wrong) but you want “the good stuff–” things that would make you want to consider spending some of those elusive sigils because it’s actually worth it. Or, being able to trade lots of black pearls for lots of elemental embers-- something with substance. If PG feels that would offset the economy, that usually means the economy is broken anyway. We all have tons of fire embers cause no one builds fire turrets anymore. So, why can’t we trade them out for things we’d actually use? We already put in the work to get them.

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Speak for yourself. I build them as cheap merging material for high fort points to reach 16m

The reason they dont do huge offers is because they want you to keep opening chests in order to get what you need.


PG wants you to burn sigils on this stuff so that when you’re short on the mythic, you buy packs. They offset the blatant money grab with an occasional good trade.

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Yes, you’ve proven my point-- I do that too. Because what other way can I ever get use out of them? You don’t build them for their intended use. You manipulate them
To get something of value. So, why not just allow us to trade for something we could actually use without having to go the long way around the barn? Or fix fire turrets to actually be good again. Either would work for me.

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Most other games have the trading post to balance up RNG drops.

I think the grief is that we need to use our premium currency for items.

For example other games might let you trade ice / fire shards and black pears for timers.

Or health pots for eggs

Or 1-4 star atlas mission rider tokens for diamonds.


A way for players to rebalance small quantities of excess RSS into more required RSS.

Having to use a premium currency in my opinion isn’t really the industry standard and is quite different from what other games do.

Although perhaps there is a valid argument that we don’t really have RNG and that our drops are really a long pre determined sequence so that’s why we need to use a premium currency.


I’m not saying I’m opposed to such trading, I’m just saying that the trading post didn’t seem to have that intent in mind

Also yeah, I wouldn’t really say that we have RNG due to sequences - the only random thing about them is the way they shuffle every event

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Very true - although I think “economy balance” has been a topic of interest for some time.

Allowing small transfers of items might be a nice compromise. If it doesn’t break things then they could slowly ramp it up to a level that doesn’t diminish spending but where players feel like they can convert some unused excess currency slowly over time to something they need.

I would love to trade my black pearls, health pots and fire/ ice shards for example :smiley:


I’d love it too, but I believe they also experimented with something like this loooong ago but they did away with it due to exploits :frowning:

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Haha, some of the rewards are garbage, some are quite good, but obviously you have to use sigils, so it makes you have to earn more sigils or buy more resources to get more sigils, same principle as every branch they bring in that you need to use sigils for, being that you either have to spend or earn good points in event to get the sigils to get the prize, so the more things they can bring in that will make you spend sigils more likely you will buy a pack

I think the limits on the trades are a bit low. I’d like to see those increased slightly or adjusted based on player level.
I love being able to trade my black pearls for embers. I have 800k pearls and only 200k embers. However the cost of a single level for a max flak tower is 22k so trading pearls for embers at a limit of 10 total for a whopping 2k is just not meaningful enough to get excited about. While I’m glad to have the option I’m disappointed in the ridiculously low cap for my level of play.


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