Trading post value analysis - Aftermath week 8

Reginald has returned with his dazzling array of questionable goods for a friendly price. Unfortunately he does so right in my vacation so please excuse any slow updates and layout issues, only have my phone to work from.

Day 5 analysis

  • Platinum chests x5 for 500 sigils (10x) These are definitely worth getting if you even remotely need embera, timers and a chance of electrum. Normal cost is 6k rubies, so 2k rubies worth of sigils is a great deal, worth opening some bronzes for.
  • 12h timers x12 for 150 sigils (8x) Not very impressive, you literally get half the timers per sigil compared to yesterday. It’s still not horrible so if desperate for timers you could still go for it, but it’s not a special bargain.
  • Ice crafting shards x4500 for 5000 wind shards (40x) Your basic element swap if you need more ice. It’s nice the purchase limit is starting to go up a bit.
  • Vanguard egg for 650 sigils (5x) Very similar to yesterday’s harbinger offer. Save 12k tokens for 650 sigils (but lose the event points). 2k tokens per 100 sigils is quite good value so if you need these and have the sigils they’re worth getting.
  • Rune dust x 500k for 100 sigils (20x) More or less regular value, but nothing special. And after last week’s big piles of dust for less than half the cost of this offer I doubt anyone will want this one.
Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Mythic dark flak HP glyph for 1500 sigils (1x) Very useful glyph if you have a DF, and the price seems fair enough.
  • 48hr timers x20 for 500 sigils (15x) Looks like a very sweet deal. 40 days for a ruby cost equivalent of 5 gold chests. Pretty much a must have.
  • Dark crafting shards x4750 for 5500 earth shards (25x) Your basic element conversion deal.
  • Harbinger egg for 550 sigils (7x) These normally cost about 10k tokens to make, which is quite a solid amount for 550 sigils. I think this is a pretty good offer if you’re doing harbinger research and aren’t downing in tokens. Not going to call research a must have, but the price is definitely right.
  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils (5x) These rubies will get you about 240 sigils in week 12 when super sigils come out, so if you have enough sigils you can spare until then this is a nice 20% profit.
Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • Legendary fire flak HP glyph for 325 sigils (1x) This is a solid glyph if you have any fire flaks on your base. It is however a glyph that’s also been given out in events (including this one) so do check you don’t have one already before buying. Price is friendly enough.
  • Elemental embers x200 for 250 black pearls (10x) Too bad the amount is so tiny but definitely worth grabbing unless you’re still getting your first perch to level 31.
  • Food pack x20 for 100 sigils (100x) same price per pack as with the lumber. I’d say skip since food is even easier to get than lumber.
  • Gold chest x8 for 300 sigils (10x) very good deal! They won’t quite pay themselves back instantly, but this is still more than 50% off the normal cost. Must buy.
  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils (10x) Same cost per sigil as in last week’s rune lines. I suspect everyone needing chisels already got them last week, but if not this is a fair price, even if it’s not amazing.
Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Legendary rage glyph (ammo secondary) for 400 sigils (1x) This is a very nice glyph to have lying around if you ever fly hunters. It’s a legendary but often a match for mythic options. 400 sigils is also a very reasonable price, so I’d get this unless you never use hunters.
  • 1.4m lumber pack x10 for 50 sigils (100x) Lol no… after all lumber is free. But then 50 sigils is not a lot for some convenience in fort, if you have plenty sigils to spare. For the wealthy.
  • Electrum bars x1500 for 250 sigils (10x) Looks like solid value, better than the repeatable node in the electrum line. I would get these if you’re ever low on electrum.
  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 100 sigils (10x) Lol no.
  • Fire Crafting Shards x10k for Wind Crafting Shards x11.5k (15x) A reasonably conversion rate if you have too many wind shards and need fire shards. And the quantities are actually big enough to do a few upgrades. But weirdly we just had the exact same offer last trading post.
Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Obsidian egg for 450 sigils (10x) I really don’t want to know where he gets these from… But they’re normally 6k tokens, and 450 sigils is a pretty good price for that. Downsides include no points during breeding for it and possibly angry parents visiting.
  • Inner fire x20 and Dragon attack x400 for 225 sigils (5x) Looking at the inners alone, these are fairly expensive. And while there are a ton of dragon boosts in there I don’t think a lot of people actually need those. Not totally terrible, but not really worth in unless you really need the boosts too.
  • Energy packs x15 and Dragon HP x300 for 225 sigils (5x) Looking at the energy alone, these are fairly expensive. So pretty much the same story as above, although these are 10% cheaper than last time.
  • Breeding tokens x1000 for 5 mystic fragments (20x) This is a very good offer. A mystic fragments used on a top tier mythic is worth 200 tokens, but used anywhere else fragments are worth less than that, often far less. You do get more event points for the fragments, but tokens are infinitely more flexible. I’d recommend everyone to take this, even at end tier.
  • Emerald research egg x1 for 350 sigils (10x) These cost about 5.5k to make yourself, which is about 440 sigils worth of rubies to grind at max efficiency. So not a bad price, cheaper than last event. Same downsides as for obsidian, but a decent offer if you’re not short on breeding points or just need more eggs.

15 whole minutes after event to get this post up, THE BLASPHEMY!


Semi off-topic; semi-on:

Regarding eggs versus frags- is there a way to apply frags for research?

I tried for emerald but the usual way of clicking on the dragon in the lineage breed screen won’t let me apply it like usual because I already have the dragon.

Or is it not recommended to use them for research? :thinking:

Nope, you can’t use them for research



But, thank you for the response, FxF! :smiley::hugs:

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Overall wait till tomorrow for the post to reset because I don’t like how post is looking today


Got the egg tokens. Broke down and bought the emerald eggs. Now only need 120 instead of 130. :sweat_smile:


@Morreion Is it possible to add how many times you can trade?

Breeding tokens x1000 for 5 mystic fragments (20 times)

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Hmm guess I could, although ultimately it doesn’t really change the value

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Lazy, I’ll edit your post lmao!
Won’t change the value at all but sometimes I check the past trading post analysis and I wonder: “how many times I traded those 48h timers :thinking:

Kinda trying to plan how many sigils I should save for the next trading post

It’s also a bit about clutter, too much information can distract. But I’ll add in a bit and see


Oh my god :o it’s been 14 minutes where is mor
What are we not paying him for


It’ll be a while before he gets to it, let the poor man eat in peace :joy:


The chest bundle sucks it’s not even worth it’s value, why is pg making a good thing a bad thing?

Yeah, let him enjoy his dinner and, in the meantime, let the community try to assess on its own. Many of us can compensate with their expertise and knowledge. I’ll start with a very confident assessment : wood packs are the amazing deal of the day. Don’t miss out on them!!

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One can eat and type at the same time :rofl:


Y’all don’t have mind-to-text smart feature? So backwards…

I wouldn’t call them ‘the amazing deal of the day’ - that’s a bit of an overstatement
But their convenience factor is certainly nice for those that want that

Electrums are pretty good, they’re better value than the repeatable electrums at the end of the archmage line (1k for 200, we see here 1.5k for 250 - if you equate them, it’s 5k vs 6k electrums for the same 1k sigils) - wish they had more claims

Glyph is also neat, we’ve only seen that glyph once before ever, and it was in a team achievement prize of a breeding (I think it was breeding) event years ago - stats at max are 7.5% rage and 1 ammo, 400 sigils for such a rare glyph that’s loved by hunter fliers is a very fair price

Gonna leave the chests and shards for Morr since I haven’t looked closely at them, but that’s a quick bootleg analysis till Morr can give a proper one that I expect to be somewhat similar to what I just said


Ahem :smirk::rofl:


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(Bit exaggerated in this case but you get what I mean :grin: And I’m sure everyone knows it’s some lighthearted teasing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)