Trading post value analysis - Aftermath week 8

Got day 2 up, thanks everyone for the fun encouragement :grin:


Cheers for the detailed analaysis Morreion!

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I would be lying if I didn’t say I get those lumber packs but … I do I build a lot in fort and fort drains the watering hole a lot so having extra lumber is a good idea

Are these the stats for the current glyph or just the stats for the past one?

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Haha me too.

I’m impatient. Morreion is right in that it’s not a great use of sigjls from a season efficiency perspective. I tend to pick up 5-10 just to supplement my wood farming.

Both - the glyphs are identical

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Thank you for the clarification.

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I went ham on the lumber packs. Got 400. :man_facepalming:

Man, I just can’t pass up a deal to save precious time.

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Gold chests get them guys even the embers GET RID OF THEM PEARLS, it’s what they all say and would love to do

Umm, isnt that the same glyph that’s currently in the breeding event prizes?
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Wow … how do I get that much sigils? Can I have some duck?

Morreion liked golds at 50 sigils each

Gold chest x5 for 250 sigils Good value. The 250 sigils cost about 1100 rubies to get with super sigils, and those chests would cost 2000 rubies when bought directly, so very little reason not to get these.

37.5 sigils each should also be good.
( 300 / 8 )

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Gold chests are by consensus worth spending rubies (especially during the discount period). Using the rubies: super sigil chests conversion ratio, gold chests are values at 94.5 sigils. This is an excellent deal.

If anyone is using rubies to open gold chests during the discount, this is a BUY BUY BUY.


Seems the post are becoming more of a money grab season by season this is called inflation why the heck is Pg doing this?

I also want to add - if Platinum chests come up this trading post and you can afford the sigils to get them and don’t NEED to open them, restrain yourself. Platinum chests variance is super high and you are better off getting a stash of them and waiting for Fiery’s sequence during the 1st two weeks of the season.


How so? The above illustration has these gold chests at better value than previous


2k sigils for 100 and 1k plus Sigil lose for 3.5k sigils lose on 80 of them

The deal is good but not that good. 5.4k sigils comes from that many plats, not golds.

The way I look at it, draconics are about twice as valuable as golds. At the end of the festive line 4 draconics cost 500 sigils, so 8 golds for any price under 500 sigils seems good to me.

… no, no it’s not, that’s not what inflation is


Man I must’ve been asleep when doing that. Simple mistake lol.

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