Trading post value analysis - Celestial Rift week 12

Reginald is back to help you get rid of all those sigils you weren’t really using anyway! At least that’s what he seems to be hoping, because day one isn’t looking very impressive.

Day 5 analysis

  • Platinum Chest x5 for 600 sigils That’s basically 10 plats for 5k rubies, instead of the normal 12k they cost. Must have.
  • 48hr timers x15 for 450 sigils Also a very nice offer! I generally put a day of timers at a bit over 100 rubies worth (one quarter of the value of a gold chest). By that ratio, these are worth about 750 sigils, so a very nice discount. For comparison, 4 draconics (more expensive) will only give 11 days of timers on average, nowhere close to these 30. I’d call this a must buy if you can remotely spare the sigils.
  • 200% xp boosts x10 + XP potions x10 for 120 sigils Same offer as last time, not terrible but also not very impressive. With their extremely limited shelf life and easy availability I can’t really put much value on the potions. All in all I’d still pass on these and just do a few more dragon quests.
  • Inner fire x20 and Dragon attack boost x400 for 250 sigils Looking at the inners alone, it’s not a great deal. 20 inners is about 12 gold chests’ worth, and it’s only a relatively small part of the value you get from those golds. I would value the IFs at about 150 sigils. The number of attack boosts is impressive, but most players will have a lifetime supply of them already, making it hard to put any value on them. It is 50 sigils cheaper than last season, but I’d still say don’t buy this unless you actually need dragon attack boosts.
  • Dark Crafting Shards x4750 for Earth Crafting Shards x5500k A reasonably conversion rate as always, but small quantities.

earlier days

Day 4

Day 4 analysis

  • Mythic invoker HP Glyph for 1500 sigils It’s this glyph, which to be honest doesn’t look terribly impressive. I guess it is slightly better than a +8% glyph from another invoker or a legendary rage glyph, but personally I don’t think it’s worth the 1500 sigils.
  • Defensive Gunpowder x100 for 150 sigils Same cost as last time. It’s very cheap compared to buying in the forge, but I still don’t think I’ve ever met anyone running low on these, any long time player will have thousands more of these than shields and hammers, most likely.
  • Summon Warrior x10 + Invincibility Shield x10 for 100 sigils Less copies of the spells for the same cost as last fall. These are useful spells, and if you do need them it’s cheaper than buying them outright (which would be 800 rubies), so at 400 rubies worth of sigils it’s a decent discount. Only really worth it if really low on these and buying them for rubies anyhow.
  • Energy packs x15 and Dragon HP x300 for 250 sigils Looking at the energy alone, these are fairly expensive. And while there are a ton of dragon hp boosts in there I don’t think a lot of people actually need those. Not totally terrible, but not really worth in unless you really need the boosts too.
  • Fire Crafting Shards x10k for Wind Crafting Shards x11.5k A reasonably conversion rate if you have too many wind shards and need fire shards. And the quantities are actually big enough to do a few upgrades.
Day 3

Day 3 analysis

  • 12 hr speedup x15 for 200 sigils Slightly worse than the 12h timer deal last trading post, which was ok, but not amazing. You could get these if you want timers more than other resources, but can also easily pass on it.
  • Lumber Pack x10 for 50 sigils Lol no… but then it is ridiculously cheap by now. I would still not forgo 8 draconic chests just to get 200 packs for lazy fort events, but if you have plenty of sigils… maybe?
  • Elemental Embers x350 for 600 black pearls Can I have this one with a purchase limit of 1000 please? Absolutely excellent deal for anyone who already has a level 30 perch or better.
  • Rubies x1000 for 200 sigils edited Plain good deal, 5000 rubies for 1k sigils will, on average, get you 1250 sigils back from super sigil chests. Recommended!
  • Chisels x50 for 250 sigils Slightly better value than the chisels in exotic lines, so pretty good buy if you’re in the market for more chisels.
Day 2

Day 2 analysis

  • Emerald research egg x1 for 375 sigils These cost about 5.5k to make yourself, which is about 440 sigils worth of rubies to grind at max efficiency. So still a decent price, also because it saves a bunch of grinding time, but not a big discount. Could be worth getting if you need the eggs, and don’t feel like grinding, and don’t need the breeding event points.
  • 3h timers x5 for 600 fire shards Good place to dump some excess shards for something more useful. Note that using shards for resource transformation merges does get you more hours for the same shards, but since actual timers are much more broadly usable I still feel these are worth getting.
  • Inner fire x8 for 100 sigils About 5 golds worth of inners, and the ruby cost of about 1 gold chest. Considering inners are a pretty small part of the value of a gold chests this seems too expensive to me. Would pass on this one.
  • Gold chests x5 for 250 sigils Very nice! About 1000 rubies worth of sigils to get 2000 rubies in golds. Absolutely a must have.
  • Legendary Sorcerer Attack Glyph x1 for 350 sigils This glyph is not a bad one, not a great one. It’s not as good as mythic divine glyphs borrowed from other dragons, and sorcerer attack isn’t as nice as sorcerer hp, so it’s a bit of a niche option. If you currently have a dragon who could use this, the price is fair. Would not get it for maybe-in-the-future usage myself.
Day 1

Day 1 analysis

  • Firey elite shield for 500 sigils Like last trading post, another piece of elite gear for direct buy. The price is 100 sigils higher than last time, but still fairly reasonable for players without atlas access.
  • Bronze chest x5 and silver chest x5 for 5000 ice turret shards Shards aren’t worth much these days, but 5 bronze and silver chests is really nothing at all. I’d rather hang on to these until a better offer comes.
  • Food pack x20 for 100 sigils Lol no
  • Mystic fragments x20 for 500 sigils These are worth 3400-4000 tokens for endgame dragons, which isn’t amazing for the sigils. You could consider these if you’re breeding endgame dragons right now and are really short on tokens and fragments. For anyone not at endgame and still breeding discounted levels I’d avoid these.
  • Rune dust x350k for 100 sigils Worse than last trading post (which had 500k at the same price), and that was already not a great deal. I’d skip this one.

Yeah, trader dude needs an “or best offer” option. If he is trying to get us with these prices we need to be able to haggle.


Can we just skip right to the chests and timers?


Since I don’t want to jinx port again I’m not going to say anything will happen

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But what about all those people who need food packs??


Thanks, Morreion, always appreciate your analyzes on these deals :hugs:

Edit: Not sure why reply to you Bo, was not supposed :roll_eyes:


You mistyped wood packs - give me those :rofl:


Finally, geeeeeeeeze.


Thanks. So when is the haggle option going to be added to Regi’s shop? Ive got pearls Id be willing to throw his way, I’d even sweeten the deal with some very rare and hard to find crafting scrolls :joy:


Okay but imagine this.
“Negotiate” button
You have a 90% chance of the deal disappearing.
A 10% deal of getting it like 50% off.


All crappy deals negotiated just to see what happens
:you fail to impress regi:
No more trader for you


And it’ll probably actually have a sequence too rather than be pure probability, and the community will talk me into sequencing it or something :rofl:


Dont worry we would make you sequence bronzes before regi


I’m not sure whether to be relieved or cry


She can do both :sparkles::eyes::sparkles:

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking: but what about platinum chests and draconic chests…:smirk: and also better do the runic chests just incase they make a random comeback :smiling_imp:


Then it would be simulator dragons

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Great… Reg’s back
Clings tighter to my stash of measly 300 sigils


He’s gonna have to offer something pretty good to tempt me this week.
I do wish they’d stop limiting the non-sigil rss deals so much


as a non-atlas player, what is the lowdown on the firey shield?

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A maxed elite shield gives 40% bonus health, although it’ll be tough to get enough shards to max. Even at low levels though, it’ll make a big difference. I’d recommend going for it… and then getting Atlas so you can forge more gear.